When you submit an idea for co-design suggestions


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Jan 24, 2018
I have noticed as of late that many ideas are submitted but not very detailed so these are some suggestions as a co-designer and having some of my ideas made of what I feel is important to include.

When I submit my ideas for majority of them I include a drawing. I am no expert at drawing but I know the team like Andy and such will draw out some very detailed pictures. In those pictures I include front, back and sides with generic measurements. This helps them with the general sizing of the product. When I have done this since they are really good at this have never had to worry about like folded seams and such since they have added those measurements on. Since a lot of ideas are pouches and such one generic measurement is for the Pals/ molle that would be affixed to the item. This measurement is 1.5" x 1" for the pals webbing per row and 1" between each row. For the molle straps just count each row and add an inch to top and bottom depending on placement.

Next is to describe and label the materials of use such as ykk zippers, snap buttons, hook n loop panels, cordura 500/1000d nylon and also the starting colour you would like it to be made in.

An other suggestion when drawing it out is to colour code the sections. Depending on how elaborate the project is sets how many different colours you may need to use and helps with establishing what section is what and also helps show the layers.

Next is to write as detailed as possible your ideas such as how it would be used, where it would be used in the community example airsoft, security, edc and such. Also describe in detail what it is overall.

Finally do some research. Find out if there is other items already on the market. This plays a big part in 1tg making a decision and such since they look at can they compete cost effectively, how many types of this item on the market to compete with, is it really that different to stand out and finally originality.

These are just suggestions and helps the 1TG team to visualize it so they can start drawing and setting up their templates so that the item can be made. Pictures/diagrams/templates speak a 1000 words


Below are just examples of how things started off.


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Jan 18, 2018
Pinned the post. Greatly appreciate this, Sergeant!
One last note: Reading through all these posts requires time and patience, discussion with R&D, and market assessment, but we are so grateful when you guys are willing to share ideas and comments!