Strap MOLLE v.s. Laser Cut MOLLE Which one you prefer more? Why?

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Mar 20, 2018
We discused a lot about this topic in this thread
Hey, my friends, are you there?
And I am curious about what you think about it. For me, I like them both because they are all functional.

*It's not to decide which is better. Please be friendly, no offensive...
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Mar 1, 2018
To me I prefer strap molle in the field. If I were ever to have a fail in the stitching I could easily repair with my emergency repair kit. I have no clue how I would even try to repair laser cut if it ripped in the field. And like I stated in previous post the ease of cleaning factor. A lot of companies are going to this new style but I wonder if they are because of less material and cheaper to manufacture? I will admit it does look very clean, slick and more fashionable but I also at the same time question durability.


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Feb 2, 2018
I’m a traditionalist so love the old style: it looks stronger and not prone to tearing, the loops look more accessable (now many c’s and s’s should be in this word?!) and the old style looks to catch less dirt and clean better.
The laser-cut looks more upmarket and modern without a doubt, it would probably compliment an urban-tactical range of gear?


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Feb 1, 2018
Florida, United States
Now as stated at the top of this section this is just my opinion from my experiences and observations.

I prefer the Strap Molle. I believe it is stronger, more secure, durable, useable, cleanable and versatile.

The Laser Cut Molle is very difficult for me to work with given my big hands. It's tougher to attach molle compatible gear. Virtually impossible to clean the backside. My past experience with Laser Cut was in the urban environment and it just included things like pens and pencils that clipped on and off. Just that had the openings tearing/fraying. Now that issue may have been solved since I last used with updated materials. I'm just not a fan.

And just walking around various places in the US I'm of the belief that rugged, "army" gear is more in style than slick and sleek. From colleges to airports etc. I see more of the rugged look, more camo, more packs and then the other end of the spectrum is business with brief cases and I haven't seen any businessmen or women rocking the Laser Cut Molle on their briefcases yet.

Rick Kitman

Now both the USMC and Army are fielding plate carriers with laser cut. If its good for the US military ??? There is now fabrics laminated with Spectra that have very high tensile strength


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Jan 24, 2018
this is cool. is each line of hexagon 1"?

I ve saw the triangle design done by DA. Those design all are creative.
From what I can tell its 1" because it supports 1" webbing straps and the width of each angle looks the same when items are mounted on it and when I look at pictures of it the webbing is just a bit more then that angle.

I personally don't own any of it so not 100% sure.

Also now there is 8 rows hex vs 6 standard pals with a bit extra in the same area so I would assume roughly 1"

5.11 doesn't disclose the dimensions in any of their media or items.
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Jun 21, 2019
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Laser cut also offers less visibility on a plate carrier , so if you are trying to maintain a soft footprint, or you work in a field that requires wearing clothes over your armor, but still require threat protection from rifle, it will be a better choice than standard. Forgot to mention this, but it’s a big reason why laser cut is used.