OFFICIAL Sharing Stories: Me & My Old Man


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Jan 14, 2018
Dad... never called someone like that..
Never had someone called dad and i dont know what is like to have a dad...
One man called so left me and my mom 1 month before my birth, and never show up again, he decided to find another woman and be someone else dad... nevermind..

But i know one other name...its MOM..
I know how it feels to have a mom, to feel her hugs, kisses i know how she helped me when i fell, when i was in trouble...
She was always there even when she was tired she never sayd to me NO, even when she was sick i had a meal, clean clothing a goodnight story.. everything!

She was my mom and my "dad", she was gently, sensible,kind but also strong, worker and strong to provide us all the necessary things and to defend us!

But before 2 years i heard that name, that call .. DAD
It was from my son, my little boy :) That was the best word ever... and now before 1 month my little girl started talking and she say DADDY :) There isnt anything like when your son or doughter call you so, lay beside you, hug you.. even when they make trouble i love it!

I AM DAD i am that old man, who will be there for my kids, protect them, rise them and help them,
I never had from who to learn to be a dad but I will be a dad like my mother was to me i will never let them down!

Be a good father dont let down your kids, expecially now when the life go fast, business, social media..
Give them their times, they grow up so fast, they want your love and attention becouse you can undo that, you cant start again when you fail and lose you time with your kids.

Take advantage of free time before occupancy, health before illness and life in doing good things before death!

Love you guys!

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