Sergeant ☆☆☆
Feb 1, 2018
Florida, United States
I received my OneTigris product in familiar easy to open, reusable packaging. Even though I know what's inside I'm always looking forward to opening!
Okay so first impressions. BADASS!!! This word might be overused, but I've never been accused of being original so why start now. Seriously put the name Dragon Snail Admin Pouch aside and if you remember only one thing from this review, remember this is one BADASS Pouch!

Pouch is approximately 8"+ Long x 5"+ High x 2"+ Wide. With the size you have to remember that the pouch can expand and retract, so measurements really depend on what state the pouch is in when measured. For most accurate empty state measurements please refer to This Pouch is built to last with durable, versatile and reliable Cordura Fabric. The Pouch is not waterproof but it is water resistant. Water just runs right off. Front and back webbing and back button straps for molle compatible gear. The front has a large velcro strip about 7" Long x 2" Wide. Pouch has zipper entry with para-cord pulls.
IMG_20180418_134225692_LL.jpg IMG_20180418_134444759_LL.jpg
Opening this Pouch was a surprise. The one side has an open pocket (about 3.5" Deep x 7.25" Wide) and then two pockets (about 3" Deep x 4" Wide) with velcro closures and easy open pull tabs. The Pouch kind of balances on its own and has solid material barriers on each side to prevent items from falling out when all the way open. Down the middle of the Pouch is a velcro/detachable large ID/Map/Etc. holder. One side of the holder is see through and the other side has sheaths for things the size of pens on one side and USB thumb drives on the other side. The other side of the Pouch has 3 elastic straps for holding things like a small pair of binoculars. Behind those are a zipper enclosed pocket, the zipper having para-cord pull of course.
IMG_20180418_134547268_LL.jpg IMG_20180418_134603460_LL.jpg IMG_20180418_134647539_LL.jpg IMG_20180418_134741241_LL.jpg
IMG_20180418_134631925_LL.jpg IMG_20180418_134756841_LL.jpg IMG_20180418_134825370_LL.jpg

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