USER REVIEW Review : OneTigris® BRICKWALL Mag Pouch Organizer


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Jun 18, 2018
Bosnia and Herzegowina
I apologize for the late review, was hindered to do so. But, here it is! Enjoy!

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On first look:

The build quality is really good, the material is tough, velcro is really nice and the stretch material is awesome. And the handle is stitched really nice to the base.


The bag can be versatile, but not much tough. It is really limited by the height rather that the thickness, because the stretch material stretches really well. It is more of a general use, for example to take it to the shooting range, to store as I did , hairdresser tools and other stuff. I do not see a real application in bushcraft and nature for this bag.


If you look for a bag with specific application and you see this bag fit it, go for it! It is really well made, and the quality will not let you down!