USER REVIEW OneTigris Multi-Use Daily/Travel Organizer


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Apr 18, 2018
I'll keep this review short and to the point since I've already reviewed OT products before. As before, the construction is flawless and the material is of good quality. The stitching is sturdy and looks well enough to keep the product together even after a good beating. As for the organizer itself, the size is just about perfect. When opened up, the left side is a mesh zippered pocket which is handy for storing all sorts of bigger items in. The right side features a removable pouch with a plastic window and a zipper. The velcro used to secure the pouch is enough to keep the pouch secured. The middle section is most confusing to me. The top section has three elastic loops and a plastic cover that folds over top. These loops are too large for pens and too small for anything else. Under the loops and aligned with each of the loops are three mesh pockets. I'd assume that this combination of loops and pockets is indeed for pens and things, but I still don't understand the reason for the plastic flap at the top.
Another nice addition is the carabiner on the left side of the organizer, which is nice for hanging up. When folded up, the organizer is secured by a large plastic clip, which has an adjustable length to adapt to any change in the amount of material stored in the organizer.
The zippers and buckle are good quality and don't feel like they will break at any point.
My only suggestions are to remove the odd plastic flap in the middle, or maybe turn it into an ID holder. Also I like the idea of the removable pouch but the organizer itself is small enough that removing the pouch to take on it's own really isn't justified, in my opinion. I'd recommend just making it an attached pouch.

I don't have pictures right now but I'll post them shortly.