USER REVIEW Onetigris Bellyband


Sergeant ☆☆☆
Jun 21, 2019
Las Vegas Nevada
( Disclaimer: I have purchased two of these with my own money. I use this product in my normal kit rotation for work, and do this review out of admiration for this product.This is perfect for professional or Intermediate conceal carry use.
Be sure to always do a few dry fire practice draws in the clothes you plan on wearing before leaving the house)

The Onetigris Bellyband is a comfortable low-visibility, highly functioning, concealed carry option. It allows a user to carry a micro, compact, or full-size firearm. It also has a pocket to fit a spare magazine, or multitool, also another general purpose pocket that will fit handcuffs, or a Radio, and flashlight, or other items like a small I.F.A.K .

What sets this apart from other belly bands that I’ve bought in the past is proper tool placement, and a better overall design. The Onetigris belly band has eliminated the obnoxious retention strap that you find on other belly bands. This is a better option for several reasons. Simple is safe, and fumbling to unhook a strap in concealment during a violent altercation is never a good thing. It will also add more time, and steps for your draw stroke which could ultimately be fatal. The strap also isn’t really necessary to secure your firearm either. I have purchased two other competitors belly bands in the past. Both of which had a terrible smell, bad hook and loop, and that obnoxious strap I ended up cutting off.

The Onetigris belly band is a great option when you are unable to wear a belt. If you need a carry option that is low-visibility, deep concealment that is highly functional at an extremely affordable price? Well then, look no further than the Onetigris Belly Band.

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