USER REVIEW OneTigris® Shotgun Shell Reload Holder - Review by Heimdall82


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Feb 5, 2018
First, sorry for the late review, been busy on February and since it was around -30°C here in Canada (with a lot of snow), outdoor testing was kinda difficult... Here we go for the review!

Unboxing and first look:

Classic Onetigris packaging (Plastic/material hybrid pouch with ziplock closure system),
Looks like a solid pouch, stichings seems goods, velcro is a little "soft" (more on this later), 500D Black Nylon (only one available), Look kinda weird empty (but who carry it empty anyway) so lets load this thing to see what we got!



Once fully loaded (15 shells), it weight around 800g (near 2 pounds) (depending of what kind of shells you use...), not too bad to carry around without feeling debalanced. Webbing are solids and strech enough to make it easy to slide in and out the shells without a fight... but hold them nicely so they will not fall from these webbing when walking (or runing). I did a "heavy wiggle test" and i can assure they will hold in place!


On the back you have two straps with UTX® Snap-buttons, with 3 molle webbing to pass the strap to install it firmly on your pack, vest or belt. Since i don't intend to hunt with a full plate carrier, i passed the strap on the second webbing to make a "belt loop" for my 5.11 reversible nylon belt and it worked great! My only "complaint" is the Molle webbing on the back is very stiff, and im not sure how i would pass the strap in the first webbing if needed because it was kinda hard to get throught the second webbing only... but at least this allow the strap to be held closely to the webbing and avoid the pouch to "jump around" when walking/running.





-Easy to store in a bag, on a belt, on a vest, on a backpack because of the Molle system


-Hold 15 shells, splitted in 3 sections, so i can take differents loads for hunting (Steel birds shots, Buckshot, Slugs,etc) so i can adapt to whaetever i see... and slugs are great for wilderness defense...


-Once loaded, it's rigid enough to "stay up" so i could put this pouch on my hunting cabin shelf and take the shells easily to reload the shotgun.


-It's small enough to be carry in one hand, most of shotshells pouch are big and heavy, and shotshells belt are just a pain to carry...


Cons: (What i would change/upgrade?)

The only things i'm would "upgrade" for this pouch is the closure system... First, the velcro is a little "soft", what i mean is it's don't close "firmly", there is always a gap on the front and it's very easy to open (and i tested it clean, i'm not sure the closure system would works after a day in the mud/rain...) and since it's a "tactical/hunting" item, it would be better to close it with a clip (not a snap, because you will struggle everytime to close it because of the configuration of the pouch) and if you hunt, you don't want that big "Screeechhhh" sound in the middle of the wood, when you just saw your prey, because it will hear you and you will end up eating salads for dinner.... and same thing for the "tactical application" for sure...


Second point: You need more color... Black is cool, but in the wood, black can be seen from a mile... Classic colors like OD Green, Coyote or multicam would be a better choice for these kinds of pouch if you intend to go hunting with it.

I did't really used the D-ring clip, i'm not sure of the intended use of this ring... sure i could clip it to my backpack with a carabiner but it would be like hanging a 2 pounds rock on my backpack that will jump around when i walk... maybe i could use to ring to hang the pouch on a nail on the wall of my hunting cabin...

Final note: 8/10

If you're a shotgun lover, you'll love this pouch! It's versatile and compact, not too heavy to carry and the quality is there! If you don't mind the velcro closure, grab one... (or two) but if you intend to hunt with it, install a clip or a snap at least, because i'm not sure the velcro will close well after a day of mud and debris... You'll not lose your shells if it don't stay closed, but the "flap" will bounce around a lot, and that will be annoying for sure.