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Jan 14, 2018
OneTigris® Anti-Slip PVC Logo Leash
Application due date: 2018-12-22
Unit: 2
Status: Available for Sale

Why Choose OneTigris Anti-Slip PVC Logo Leash?

A slim but sturdy leash with a reflective logo and zinc alloy clip for walking your beast in the urban or suburban jungle. Flexible, abrasion resistant, with an anti-slip PVC coating.


OneTigris Anti-Slip PVC Logo Leash

  • Anti-slip PVC coating for an extra firm grip and reliable use
  • Zinc alloy D-ring for tying on a poop bag or clipping on a small pouch
  • Reflective logo that reflects flashlights or car lights, offering extra safety in low visibility conditions
  • PVC coating to prevent soaking up rainwater and for easy cleaning
  • REACH and SGC certified with -40°C -70°C temperature resistance for an eco-friendly leash
TG-GSD09-1-2.jpg TG-GSD09-1-3.jpg TG-GSD09-1-1.jpg

Material: Polyester, PVC Coating, Zinc Alloy Clip

Tested Pull Strength: 330lb/150kg

Dimensions: 55.1”(L)*1”(W)/140cm*2.5cm

Weight: 5.64oz/160g

Color: Black

Package Includes

OneTigris Anti-Slip PVC Logo Leash *1

Gear testing duration: within 1 month after pack received
Requirements: Product design, durability, functions and possible product enhancements.
Application due date: 2018-12-22

Example Post
Preferred color:
Size: F
whether or not they have been a part of the OneTigris Gear Testing Program before?
No. I didn't test your gear before. Let me introduce my self. I am an outdoor enthusiasts and have 2 years camping experience. I think...
how will you test the product(s)?
I will make a review video and take some awesome pics...



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Oct 19, 2018
Preferred colour black
size as it comes
I've not tested your gear before
I'm a dog handler here in the uk a lead is my most important piece of kit for controlling my
I will be testing the lead in everyday use whilst on task and in training scenarios also for and with bite training
I will be taking photos of my testing and daily action shots etc of jack with his lead
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1TIGERIS: Anti-slip PVC logo leash
color: no preference
Good morning! My name is James I am the owner of 4 dogs and hike regularly on the Appalachian trail here in SW Virginia. I have a small youtube channel and film many of my hikes. I have never tested any 1tigeris gear but would love the opportunity too test anything dog/hiking related and possibly feature the item on my channel. I will test the leash by walking my dog on numerous multi mile hikes thru aggressive terrain and around as well. I will also write a summary based on durability,control, functionality as well as possible enhancements.

james 20181213_173711.jpg
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Nov 25, 2018
Preferred color: Black or Tan
Size: N/A
Have been a part of the OneTigris Gear Testing Program before?
No, I haven't. First-time applicant long time follower. I have followed the company for some time. I have the dog harness and my Lab really enjoys it. I see that it was recently scheduled for a redesign. Its a bummer I missed out on the application. I also noticed that it slips to one side of my dog's chest area. Glad to see that 1TG really listens to its customers and ensures top quality.
How will you test the product(s)?
80% of the time my dog is trained to walk without a leash and walk by my side. She also enjoys going for walks downtown and to her favorite store Bass Pro. She enjoys the attention from other bystanders and kids. These are the times I have her on a leash for her safety and to follow the rules in stores. I will take pictures, and give my honest detailed review of the product. I look forward to being able to help.
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Feb 22, 2018
- Preferred color: Black

- Whether or not they have been a part of the OneTigris Gear Testing Program before?
No. I have not tested your gear before.

Please allow me to introduce my self. My name is Carlos - I am a dog lover and gear enthusiast and host my YouTube channel Daily Carry Solutions, where I talk about EDC news and compare/contrast/review products and accessories to enhance day to day tasks. When not at work, I’m typically filming material for my Instagram, website and YouTube channel along with my dog Gaston, who is a rescue from our local county shelter. He also has an Instagram account and shares video and daily photos of activities with friends he has made across the globe.

-How will you test the product(s)?
I will create a series of experiment videos testing the strength, durability and corrosion resistance of the leash as I walk my dog consistently during week days, and take him on activities such as trail walking on weekends. Activities will be filmed and edited for posting into Instagram and YouTube where the product will be showcased and links to purchase will be provided.Based on the results of said testing I’d be glad to offer constructive criticism to provide quality control improvements as well.
I’ve attached a recent photo of Gaston and I headed to a brief hiking trip in the Blue Ridge Mountains, and greatly appreciate any consideration for this product review.

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