I Have To Brag....


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Aug 6, 2019
I am a search and rescue Chief with my K9 Storm. We have been very fortunate in our career in that we have managed to save the lives of 2 missing people who had gotten lost, Well today was number 3! A Search and Rescue K9 Handler can go through their whole career and never save a life, in a way it is luck. When you show up you are given an area to search and the person you are looking for may, or may not be in that area, it is really a crap shoot, so again having saved 3 lives is something I feel very fortunate and lucky...not to mention proud about.

I bet you are wondering what that has to do with anything here.....well, on todays search, my dog storm happened to be wearing his 1TG vest for the second time on an active search, first time when saving a life. The other search was literally 2 days ago, but it was at night and the pictures I managed to get were basically just black and you couldn't see anything. So, here are some photos from today of the team that found the missing person (I'm the one with the leash) and my 3 time hero K9 Storm in his OneTigris vest.

BTW, you can Like my dogs page on FB Storm Powers, I'm on IG at gr8dave37 or Twitter under @Gr8dave37 (trying to beef up my social media presence)


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