USER REVIEW Griffin plate carrier


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Jan 16, 2021
Well after watching Femfatals review I decided to buy one.
Not what I was expecting.
It's seem to be very small and I'm not big by any means but it is the correct size for AR 500 plates ( smaller ones 10" X 12") 11" X 14" would have been better.
I've made some simple improvements, re moved the plates and replaced with less dense ones this gives more flex and adds loads more comfort, added quick release clips to both sides. Now I don't have to remove the front panel everytime I take off or on, less wear on velcro, quicker to put on off, clips are replicable and the fit is the same everytime. All in all very well made also the front panel is small, alot of wasted space that can really be used for patches because of the buckle's a full size plate would be much better in my opinion but nothings perfect at the moment.🦖
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