QUESTION Advice on Gear

Dec 28, 2019
Pocono Mountains PA
Hi! I’m new here & this is my first post. I did not post to the intros sections because I actually am looking for advice on which ONETIGRIS wallet/phone holster/molle pouch to purchase.

I’m looking for one I can attach to my service dogs collar that won’t be too bulky, make the collar lean to one side, or hang very loose from her body. She wears the ‘OneTigris Break-Away Dog Collar Half Metal Fidlock Buckle Durable Low-Noise Silent with Neoprene Padded Lining & Handle’. Yes, I copy & pasted all that directly from Amazon.

Here’s the link if you’d like to check it out:

I’ve been looking at possibly the Armor Zero holster & very much like that design & all its features but I think it will likely be too big to attach to the collar without having to cover the handle so I was thinking maybe getting the Molle Tactical Phone Holster instead. I saw a few other options which is what lead me here thinking maybe some one else is as crazy as me when it comes to their gear. I only need it to carry my phone-an iPhone 6S Plus & three cards.

We already have the Advanced Version OneTigris Mammoth Dog Pack & we love it but there are times I don’t want her to have to wear the full harness with the heavy packs. So, any advice?

I do have a difficult time with clips & very strong Velcro because of my disabilities so if your aware of any with easier options I’d love to hear that too. But my main concern is something I can attach to the collar that will not affect any of its functions (handle, quick release clip) or make it not fit comfortably or correctly. Thanks!


Staff member
Jan 14, 2018
Basically I think there has no pouches on the market which can be attached to the collar and no collars which can carry a pouch as well. We will suggest you to buy a harness which has the molle webbing so you can attach a phone pouch on it.