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  1. Rin

    POLL What About Bringing Back the Rover 35L Backpack

    As you might notice that we currently do not have the Rover 35L Backpack on our official website and Amazon stores. In fact, we have received several people asking whether we would restock it or not in the future and there are many suggestions on how to upgrade this backpack. And we have...
  2. Rin

    So Any Thoughts for the Endgame XD

    :ROFLMAO:Have you guys watched the film already?! :sick:There are several news here that spoilers were punched quite hard on their faces hahahaha
  3. Rin

    QUESTION How to Manage Extra Straps of Your Gear?

    Recently we've recieved more customers asking how to deal with extra straps of products they purchased, including dog harness and bags and other gear. We noticed that there are many people using different ways to manage those annoying things and some even cut it resulting the whole straps...
  4. Rin

    HOT We Made It!!! MASK Collaborated with STORM.AIRSOFT!!!

    From Sept this year we've been contacting storm.airsoft, a California airsoft player at Red Code He has been painting his own teeth pattern on a full mesh mask for a while Andy, at the same time, had a idea on creating a mask patch for players to set their own style freely And there you go...
  5. Rin

    Merry Xmas and Happy New Year Boyz n Gals!

    Thanks, all, for being there for us since the very beginning. Every message, Facebook Like, Instagram hashtag, constructive review, or even just 1 photo, it brightens up our day. No matter how busy the end of the year can be, we'd like to take a moment to say thank you, happy holidays, and...
  6. Rin

    QUESTION Do You Think Kids Need a Special Airsoft Setup?

    :unsure:We've received several users asking whether we are going to produce a kid gear line in the near future. We know that many airsoft players start their game at a very young age.. Some of them are already parents now! So is a gear line for kids necessary? If yes, what kind of products do...
  7. Rin

    Design A New Patch for New Daddy Gear!

    :ROFLMAO:Anyone interested in it?!
  8. Rin

    Video Filming Day for the LifeGear!

    Guess who this is :ROFLMAO: Will have new activity soon! So excited!!!
  9. Rin

    Yesterday A Loving Doggy Model Photo-shooting Day!

    Long time no see everyone. This week we went to a puppy gathering and try on some products(including new stuffs)! Look Chocolate with his OneTigris Collar! Guess What is Dahei's favorite? Golfie says Hi to 1TG! He is a one-year-old naughty boy but likes the collar and leash very much cuz...
  10. Rin

    QUESTION Which One to Take? Black or Multicam?

    Suddenly came out of this idea creating a multicam patch and badge organizer. Then went straight to prototyping... What do u guys think of it? Comparing to the organizer we have so far like this Folding Patch Holder Which one do u guys prefer?
  11. Rin

    QUESTION Will Man Wear Tote BAG?

    Question Time Again! @Heimdall82 has designed a tote bag/eco-bag for us, many of our female colleagues are into this idea while boys get frowned saying that a carrying a tote bag makes them look less masculine. Then I searched a lot on the web and there's a discussion on this topic whether man...
  12. Rin

    Gotta Shout Out For Cool Airsoft GIRL!!!

    :cool:New product by @Sucre coming soon! Testing by our airsoft girl Sunny! What do u guys think of the new chest rig? And BTW how many cool airsoft girls here!
  13. Rin

    Last Week's Surfing Week in 1TG

    Last week was the "annual surfing week" in Onetigris haha Went to a beautiful beach and had a really good weekend there. How could you not camp on the beautiful seaside Found the golden surfer Labrador Retriever! What do you guys usually do in weekend? Anyone likes surfing? Haha! Wanna...
  14. Rin

    Folks! Need Your Help!

    Professional airsoft player @Sucre is about to bring me to my first Airsoft Game in HK! Never ever play airsoft! And I've been looking for product that suits for a girl ('cause u know most of them are #male-only). I love chest rig haha that's really cool I think yet dont know what to choose! Do...
  15. Rin

    Lion Says Happy Dragon Boat Festival to Ya'll!

    /:joyfulNext Monday will be the traditional Dragon Boat Festival, Lion says Hi and wish everybody's having a lovely weekend!
  16. Rin

    Welcome to Our New Models for Photo Shooting LOL

    /:launghingSucre's whole pegga pig family LOL