Gear Test Related Policies

Eligibility & Requirements

  • Gear Testers must be registered 1TG users.
  • Only 1TG administrators have the power to post in the GEAR TEST section of the forum while general users can reply to threads to participate in the discussion.
  • The aim of gear testing is to perfect each product and to optimize user experience.
  • Products to be tested shall be determined solely by OneTigris® and personal requests on specific products shall not be accepted.
  • Feedback in the form of text, images, and/or videos can be edited and shared by OneTigris® without alternating the content and its viewpoints without the consent of gear testers.
  • Gear Testers will be evaluated and determined based on their honesty, experience, forum activities and other SNS activities, and OneTigris® reserves all rights of final decision of any gear testing related matters.

Specific Requirements

  • Gear Testers must conduct gear testing within a month of receiving the product(s) for testing. If they fail to do so they will no longer be eligible for the gear testing program in the future.
  • Gear Testers will be notified of any changes of the gear testing program and shall comply with all original and revised requirements.
  • Products for gear testing must be used for a minimum of one week.
  • Other product-specific requirements will be provided in the thread posted by the 1TG administrator.
  • Gear Testing Feedback must include the following:
    - Minimum of 3 photos of product(s) received for testing
    - Overall comments on appearance of product
    - Comment on use of material
    - Comment on overall quality of product
    - Comment on functionality
    - Comment on use and purposes
    - Recommended changes OR photography OR video
  • Gear Testing Feedback can also include the following:
    - Similar items in comparison to product(s) tested
    - Overall rating and other comments
    - Recap of highlights and flaws
    - Recommended changes to product or product description (website/Amazon/eBay/Aliexpress)
    - Where you will share your review (social media platforms, personal websites or channels, etc.)

How does it work? 

  • Each product to be tested will be posted in the GEAR TEST section of the forum specifying product namecolorquantitypurpose of designphotosgear testing duration and requirements.
  • Products to be tested will be posted in the gear category they belong to.
  • Gear Testers shall apply by replying to the thread specifying the preferred colorsizewhether or not they have been a part of the OneTigris Gear Testing Program before*other specifications and how they will test the product(s).
    *A simple “Yes” if you have; those who have not yet participated in the program are required to provide a brief self-introduction and details of professional background and experience with tactical gear.
  • Gear Testers will be evaluated and determined based on honestyexperienceforum activities and other SNS activities, and OneTigris® reserves all rights of final decision of any gear testing related matters.
  • Chosen Gear Testers shall be @ mentioned in the thread (see below).
    * Gear Testers who have participated in the program before need NOT fill out the OneTigris Gear Testing Application.
  • A tracking number will be provided to each Gear Tester once the gear ships out. Please make use of this piece of information to track the parcel as email inquiries take longer to respond to with the amount of emails we receive on a daily basis
  • Gear Testers are to reply to the thread to inform OneTigris® that the gear has been received.

How do I submit feedback on tested product(s)? 

  • Feedback to be submitted must include a report with text, images, a video and link of shared feedback.
  • Feedback can be submitted by replying to the thread with the title “Gear Test Feedback”.
  • Feedback submitted via social media platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, etc. must be embedded (with tutorial) in the thread reply.

Please make sure that you’ve carefully read through all policies and let’s get started!

Map Your Existence!

OneTigris Team