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    USER REVIEW Backwoods Bungalow

    Thanks Dean. I am more concerned with dragging camp mud and crap into a tent with a bottom. I think a lot of people don't realize how muddy and dirty a winter camp can become. If I am able I put down straw in much of the camp area, it seems to help keep the ground colder and the mud is not as bad.
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    Have you tested Onetigris products before? I have yet to test Onetigris products through this forum. I have and still use many of your products. Why do you want to test this? This is actually the type of Bushcraft tent that I have wanted to try for my winter camp. I just mentioned yesterday in...
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    NEW IDEA Small First Aid Kit w/easily viewable contents

    This may sound a little out there, which I am. When I saw the slot and roll concept, I thought of Vacuum bags, Seal a meal type. I think by using the seal mechanism and a little manipulation of the bag you may be able to create your own. You may even be able to vacuum seal it. It would be clear...
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    USER REVIEW Backwoods Bungalow

    I would usually set up my shelter on a bed of straw that is laid thick. Not sure How that would work with a bottom in the bungalow
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    USER REVIEW Backwoods Bungalow

    I am biting at the bit to try the bungalow. I can see myself setting up winter camp and knowing the quality of products this could be what I am looking for.
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    Hello, I have yet to test OneTigris gear, but I have used many products over the years. From tactical ID holder, dog harness and pouches. I live with the Beaver Creek State Park bordering my back yard which gives me the opportunity to explore, hike, Camp etc. year round. Ohio is a great four...
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    OFFICIAL Where Do You Go Adventuring?

    Fortunately for me, My back yard is up against Beaver Creek State Park here in Ohio. Thousands of acres at my fingertips. Also the first wild and scenic river in Ohio, Beaver Creek.
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    New Here

    Thank You
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    New Here

    Hello everyone, I have been impressed OneTigris products for years and use them daily.