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    Hot tents

    I am 6 foot 220.. I have enough room with my dog and gear in the inner mesh area.. the inner is 7 foot what might happen is your feet might be pushing on the screen a bit but that would all depend on the sleeping pad you use... hope that helps..
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    So my tentpole went thru the top after 3 nights.

    I'm suprised to hear this.. I've had my iron wall in some nasty wind snow and rain multiple times with no problems.. hope it all works out for you.. not common to hear ..
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    TEGIMEN Hammock Awning & Hot Tent

    The only problem i could see with that is im sure its already in production. Do to pre-orders being sold. maybe on the second run. I always look at it as what can be added to existing product.. clip on snow skirt could definitely help but I suppose you could put a tarp on the inside as well...
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    Hot tents

    Yurts are a pain in the a$$ to set more of a range tent, cowboy tipi id say.. when I was working with some canvas companies, the tents were great but they were over a thousand dollars and were 80 pounds. Definitely not hiking one
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    New member

    Welcome Paul
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    Hot tents

    One you could stand up in would definitely be ideal.
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    TEGIMEN Hammock Awning & Hot Tent

    Just thinking out loud.. So looking at the Tegimen, its basically a wall tent.. No offence but people have been throwing hammocks through wall tents for decades even in old western movies you'll see hammocks swinging inside wall tents.. what is unique about it is for all intended purposes a...
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    USA, Wisconsin
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    Hot tents

    I definitely get where your coming from.. but a lot use in all 4 seasons. so maybe a snow skirt you could clip to the bottom stake out points would be ideal.. like a full hot tent kit opinion that includes a snow skirt and stove jack.. so that way the production tent can stay the same.
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    Hot tents

    You can use snow to fill in the bottom.. the tent comes out far enough.. id much rather have the light weight of 4.2 then adding a snow skirt. Just how I see it