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Hi all. I have Just return from two short but amazing trips in the UK. The first being the 96 mile hike through Scotland's (West Highland Way) taking in some truly stunning scenery. The second in the Welsh mountains of Snowdonia climbing the Dragons back of Tryfan and the gruelling climb of Pen y Olwen. Next adventure a one month long hiking and wild camping trip through the Scottish Mountains.
hello and welcome. For detaisl I would like to share website which is based on techonlogy. You can find out all latest tips and tricks with great methods.
hey folks, my name is Mehmet from Seattle,WA. I have Facebook group call name "Seattle Camping-Hiking-Snowshoeing-Lifestyle Group" and we do Backpacking/hikes/snowshoeing/winter backpacking/cross country ski..and upcoming event is 3 night 4 days at Alpine wilderness, and total 26-30 miles hike and we will see 3 different lakes..we are 2 right now and if you like to join find my group and join...
Привет One Tigris! Я здесь потому что у Вас потрясающее сочетания цены и качества. Вы крутые! Развивайтесь! а я помогу чем смогу!
Greetings 1TG community. I just signed up for gear testing, awaiting opportunity! I'm new, any pointers?
New to the forum waiting for the opportunity to review some products! I spend a lot of time outdoors mtn biking, gravel biking, camping, and most recently adventure biking. Really looking forward to hammock and hammock accessories testing.
Welcome! Looking forward to your input!
New to this and I’m trying to find out how to actually do the gear testing, help appreciated.
Welcome, Private! Proceed to the Gear Test section of the forum, read through the gear test policies, and look for posts that are open for application. Then you just comment and apply.
Where on the site are the "Service Dog" or "Service Dog In Training" patches that go with your dog vests/harnesses? offers your 1Tigris harnesses, but not the patches. Thanks!
I went to the hospital for blood work the other day and after confirming all my info. Just as I was getting up the nurse on the other side of the desk as if my K9 was with me. Just goes to show how slow the mail can be sometimes. But it has confirmed Snoopy is now my official Service K9
After 3.5 years of having my pal Snoopy and him never leaving my side all the training and goofing around ( training but more playful ) my doctor and his vet have come together and my next appointment Snoopy will be walking out of the doctors with his Service K9 credentials. Now to find the right harness that will show off all his hard work and shows that he saved me.