Tangram color options


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Sep 21, 2020
I absolutely love the tangram tent it is exactly like a z packs duplex or lanshan 3f only better in my opinion since the inner is separate and the doors completely open. My only thing is I saw a video on youtube that made me extremely salty as I'm active duty military and can not use my tangram in the field as it draws too much attention I guess idk. The point is you made a multicam version one time and one time only. I can assure you there is a huge and I mean Yuge market for multicam colored gear in literally everything. If there is anyway I can pay more to have the multicam variant of the tangram please please please let me know. I will include the link of the youtuber that posted the tent you guys apparently sent him. He is the reason I bought the tangram to begin with as I was making my own out of multicam but not waterproof fabric and I just couldn't get it not to leak.
Lonewolf902 on youtube