NEW IDEA Tactical Dog Placemat?


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Jun 12, 2019
The Dog Sleeping Mat that 1TG sells right now is pretty cool, but it isn't really practical for things other than camping. I would think that a tactical mat made for everyday use with working dogs (service dogs, therapy dogs, possibly police k9s, etc.) would also be beneficial.

-WHAT: Highlights & functions
A thin placemat that folds up easy and small into its own carrying device, which would be a little molle pouch that could be secured to the dog's vest.

-WHY: Specific use & purposes (important)
Working dogs use placemats all the time. Therapy dogs use them when they're doing their work to lay down on to avoid getting too much hair on the floor or to make sure they stay clean while in hospitals or nursing homes. Service dogs use them when they're working with someone who may have a job or go to school in order to lay down and be out of the way while on a designated spot that again, avoids getting too much hair everywhere and keeps the dog cleaner than if it were laying on the ground.

-HOW: How you were inspired (important)
I was inspired by the sleeping mat that One Tigris currently sells, and my need for a thin, easily-portable working placemat for my service dog and had been unable to find one anywhere that met our needs.

-WHAT: Proposed product name (important)
Tactical Dog Placemat (not too flashy or anything, just like the Dog Sleeping Mat)

-WHAT: Brief outline/description of appearance
I would imagine it would look like a regular molle bag when folded up. Something similar in size and outer look to this pouch, possibly, or one of the other standard pouches; pouch.jpg

Unfolded and in-use, I would imagine the mat to be a black piece of material in a rectangle shape, maybe with a velcro spot for a patch to be visible while the dog is laying on it (such as a "service dog" or "working dog" or "please pet me" one, etc.).

-WHAT: Color options
I think black would fit the needs of this particular product.

-WHAT: Material
My original thought would have just been the regular nylon used for most products, but if we wanted to take the dog's comfort into consideration, we could also see if the material used for the Car Use Pet Seat Cover is viable and able to be folded small enough to fit into the pouch, as well. tg-cwd01-1-1.jpg The quilted material would be beneficial for the dog's comfort and would make it easier to clean, but we would also want to be sure it isn't too thick to be unable to fold into a pouch, and we would want to be sure that the material doesn't make too much noise when a dog is shifting on it because the locations that the placemat might be used in would likely need it to be rather quiet.

-Design draft (optional)
So I'm horrible at drawing, but I figured something like this needs at least a little bit of visual explanation. The best thing I could come up with to explain it is like one of those stuffed animals that folds out into a blanket, or pillows that folds out into a blanket; 812AkWlPAuL._AC_SL1500_.jpg The placemat folds up to make the pouch that it holds itself in. I know that's kind of confusing. I've asked my friend to draw a better explanation photo than this, but for now, this is what I have (oops it's horrible);
Untitled drawing.jpg

-Similar product(s) (optional)
I have not really found any products that do actually fold up into their own bag that's small enough to be reasonably carried on the dog's harness. I have seen a lot of the roll-up ones similar to our Dog Sleeping Mat, but that isn't what we're looking to achieve here.
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Jan 17, 2018
Don't worry we understand the idea you described. It's quitle cool. I will submit it to our R&D. (y)