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Jan 14, 2018
Product name: OneTigris Kindle & Gadget MOLLE Pocket Bag
Quantity: 2
Purpose of design: see description below
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※Black color only​

Why Choose OneTigris STINGER Tech Organizer Pouch?
Another mighty organizer that’s compact but holds a ton of gear to keep things tidy and secure. Built from rugged 1000D nylon with dirt/water/scratch resistance, the STINGER can fit a Kindle, cables, pens, pocketknives and many other gadgets within its sizable yet neatly separated compartments. Featuring 19 differently sized elastic tool sheaths, large pockets, and a detachable panel with mesh compartments. Its clamshell design enables you to spread open your kit like a book for quick access to contents, and at the top there’s a sturdy grab handle for easy carry when on the go or on extended travels.

OneTigris STINGER Tech Organizer Pouch
  • 1000D Nylon construction for extra durability and dirt/water/abrasion resistance
  • Full clamshell opening design with quality YKK® dual zippers for quick access to gear
  • Measures at 7.3” by 5.7” and fits a Kindle and multiple other items
  • Left page has 9 elastic banded tool slots, 1 utility pocket, and a keychain clip
  • Right page has 6 elastic banded tool slots and 1 zippered compartment
  • Removable center panel via hook-and-loop with 2 mesh pockets and 4 tool slots
  • 3 rows of webbing at the front for MOLLE add-ons and linear tools
  • 4.7” by 1.8” patch space for personalization of your EDC pouch
  • MOLLE compatibility via webbing and snap-buttoned straps for attaching to bags, packs and panels
  • Compact, low profile look with handy top grab handle for easy carry
  • Material: 1000D Nylon, YKK® Zippers
  • Dimensions: 7.3”(L)*5.7”(W)*1.6”(D)/18.5cm*14.5cm*4cm
  • Patch Panel: 1.8”(L)*4.7”(W)/4.5cm*12cm
  • Weight: 11.1oz/315g
  • Color: Black

Package Includes
  • OneTigris STINGER Tech Organizer Pouch *1
Gear testing duration: within 1 month after pack received
-Reviews wanted. As it's finalized already. Any suggestions/feedback will be submitted for development of the next version.

Application due date: 2019-9-28

※Pleas post as the below example
Example Post

whether or not they have been a part of the OneTigris Gear Testing Program before?
No. I didn't test your gear before. Let me introduce my self. I am an outdoor enthusiasts and have 2 years camping experience. I think...
Other specifications
I want to test this gear because...
how will you test the product(s)?

I will make a review video and take some awesome pics...


Corporal ☆
Mar 13, 2019
whether or not they have been a part of the OneTigris Gear Testing Program before?
Yes, I did the scream mesh mask and the airsoft netted vest review.

Other specifications
I want to test this gear because I am looking for something like this for my airsoft gear in private and tactical gear on my work. I am thinking of making an organizer for all our cars at work so this is a perfect item to test.

how will you test the product(s)?
I will make a written review, post photos on my Instagram and Facebook page and will try to make a video about it.


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Jun 21, 2019
Las Vegas Nevada
whether or not they have been a part of the OneTigris Gear Testing Program before?

Yes, I am currently testing out the Horizontal Magpouch prototype.I have not done an official review on a finished product yet.

Other specifications: As I am an avid collector in EDC pocket gear,I am always looking to organize my stuff. This looks useful for me, so I think it would be fun to review.

I will provide a written review complete with pictures and a YouTube video review.

Ofc D.Chappell

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Aug 27, 2019
Ramona, Ca
Whether or not they have been a part of the OneTigris Gear Testing Program before?
Not yet. I am an avid follower of this forum and the great ideas posted, dissected, manipulated, and created. I look forward to an opportunity to test one or two of these products.

Other specifications
I 'd like to test this product as it appears to be something I would be able to use daily. As a active police officer on patrol in a high gang/narcotic area I find being prepared a must. A product like this would work perfectly for my med gear, keeping it readily available at all times.
how will you test the product(s)?
I will carry the product with me throughout the testing period and beyond, documenting the quality and my experience with it throughout. Pictures included. This will also be an excellent way to spread the word of the product as my fellow officers will be able to see it in use.
Apr 14, 2019
Whether or not they have been a part of the OneTigris Gear Testing Program before?
No, I haven’t tested your gear before.

Let me introduce my self. I am a lover of the great outdoors and have been for many years. I am very much into survival, bushcraft and prepping. I try to carry all of the skills I know and learn into every day life.

Other specifications.
I want to test this gear because it is definitely something I will use on a daily basis. Along with my daily work carry tools I will also use it for survival equipment.

I will make a review video for YouTube and take some awesome pics for my instagram page and Facebook. I will do an initial review then again in 6 months after lots of usage.



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Feb 26, 2019
Hi, this pouch seems awesome. I would like to test it :)

Been in a part of the OneTigris Gear Testing Program before?
I did 1 test for you so far, I really like the Onetigris products and I am an outdoor/prepper guy, I really like camping, hiking (multiple days) and I am a gearnutz. I use my gear for real and I am a little bit rough with it, so I like good quality gear and I like to test new gear/gadget.
Product Testing Style:
Written review with pictures of the product, pros and cons and what i would change or improve
Why i want to test it?
I already owned a lot of organizers like that one. I have a Vanquest and a couple of Maxpeditions, I bought a couple of cheap/copie version of those organizer in the past and I couldn't return to them after knowing good quality brand. I would like to test that one in my EDC. I really like the small organizer panel, it's a good idea and different from the other brands.

Thank you
Oct 5, 2019
Hello! We have not been a part of your gear testing before but we think it is so cool that you do this!
I am Billie and my service dog in training is Kratos, we are working to get him qualified to be a medical and psychiatric response dog. We live in the Smoky Mountains and love hiking and adventuring together! I would love to test this gear because it would be perfect for holding my medications and other needed supplies, the durability of your products would be amazing as Kratos needs to be able to pick up the bag on occasion and bring it to me and some products aren't able to withstand a dog picking them up. We would test/review the product by using it regularly and getting some pictures of Kratos and I with the product. I am also working on starting a youtube channel and I would be happy to make a video review of the product and go over everything we are sure love and the things we may be able to recommend for future developments.

Thank you for considering our team to help test and improve your product!
-Billie and Kratos