NEW IDEA Semi Modular Pack


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Sep 1, 2021
So recently I got a Mardingtop 65L pack and have found some deficiencies and would like to see if a new pack could be designed. Ive attached a picture of the pack im referring to.

There are a few issues.

1) Bottom Pouches are too small for using an isomat in it and with the buckles they go inside so not very usable. I would like to have a larger pouch that could hold the bottom of a rolled iso mat.
2) the side molle webbing is very short. With a tactical backpack we could go out and get surplus items. I myself have 2 sustainment pouches from USMC Filbe equipment and the bottom molle attachments go down to the bottom buckle. I suggest raising it and adding more webbing or 2 patches.
3) I am a larger guy, the hip belt is too small for me. I suggest having one that can be removed and get one for your size. Once again using surplus equipment as a basis, the USMC Ible equipment has a removable large hip belt. with it being modular you could sell the bag without the hip belt at a cheaper price and then allow people to get their own separate, fit for them.

Overall once again using this pack as a basis isnt bad, it has separate compartments which is a plus, dual front doors for accessing the individual compartments and the top pouch is great as well.