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Jan 14, 2018
Product name: ROC SHIELD Bushcraft Tent
Quantity: 1
Purpose of design: -
Why Choose OneTigris ROC SHIELD Bushcraft Tent?
Roll call: Bushcrafters, survivalists, tactical gear users and camping enthusiasts. You’re looking at your new favorite toy. The ROC SHIELD is what you would call a standard tent for experienced hands. Inspired by classic WWII style shelters built with tarps, it can be planted on the ground or raised in the air, functioning as a superior sun and rain cover while offering versatility and bigger space for heightened comfort. It is highly adaptable to different terrains and can be configured based on your preference and outdoor aptitude. Complete with a setup kit of 4 height adjustable tent poles, pegs and guy-lines.

OneTigris ROC SHIELD Bushcraft Tent
  • 75D Nylon construction with PU coating for rugged durability and waterproof performance
  • 1500mm waterproof rating
  • Tent poles are adjustable in height and can also be assembled for different setups
  • Can be set up as a tent with front porch for use with your camping table and chairs
  • Comes with complete setup kit of 4 tent poles, 14 pegs and 10 guy-lines
  • This product does NOT come have a tent bottom.
  • This product does NOT have mesh entrances.
  • Material: 75D Nylon Fabric (Waterproof Treated), YKK® Zippers, Aluminum Alloy Accessories
  • Dimensions:
  • Folded - 23”*6”*6”/58cm*15cm*15cm
  • Setup - (See image on product page)
  • Waterproof Rating: 1500mm
  • Adjustable Height: 4.1ft or 5.2ft/125cm or 160cm
  • Weight: 7lb/3.2kg
  • Tent Pole Material: 7075 Aluminum Alloy
Package Includes
  • OneTigris ROC SHIELD Bushcraft Tent *1
  • Tent Peg *14
  • Guy-line *10
  • Tent Pole *4
  • Stuff Sack *1
How to Set Up #1: Standard Setup
  • Spread tent on the ground and stake 6 corners.
  • Erect tent with 5.2ft poles provided, and fasten guy-line to tent peaks to stretch tent.
  • Unzip entrance and set up front porch with 4.1ft poles provided.
  • Adjust tent pegs and fasten all guy-lines.
How to Set Up #2: Shallower & Wider Setup
  • Unfold and zip up outfacing zippers. Spread tent on the ground and stake 8 corners.
  • Shorten poles to 4.1ft to erect tent, then fasten guy-lines to tent peaks to stretch tent.

Gear testing duration: within 2 weeks after pack received
-Reviews wanted. It's not released yet. Any suggestions/feedback will be helpful for us to finalize this product.

Application due date: 2020-09-18

※Pleas post as the below example
Example Post
whether or not they have been a part of the OneTigris Gear Testing Program before?
No. I didn't test your gear before. Let me introduce my self. I am an outdoor enthusiasts and have 2 years camping experience. I think...
Other specifications
I want to test this gear because...
how will you test the product(s)?

I will make a review video and take some awesome pics...
Jun 21, 2019
Las Vegas Nevada
Have you tested Onetigris products before?
Yes, I have been fortunate to test out several great products from Onetigris.

Why do you want to test this?
I have several larger size tents that are bulky, and not ideal for backpacking. I have used shelters made from tarps, and other makeshift materials in the past to serve as a shelter when I backpack, so I think it would be cool to try out something that is actually designed to be light and packable but also designed to be a shelter.

How will you test this product out?
I will be hiking through Mt Charleston, and Red Rock Canyon with some buddies of mine soon, and I think this would be a good way to test the product, get some good feedback, and it should fit well in my kit.😎

I will post my suggestions, and some pictures of the trip.



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Sep 1, 2020
Have you tested Onetigris products before?
I have yet to test Onetigris products through this forum. I have and still use many of your products.
Why do you want to test this?
This is actually the type of Bushcraft tent that I have wanted to try for my winter camp. I just mentioned yesterday in the review on the Bungalow, how that I could use that tent with a bottom, when I normally put down straw down for my shelter.
How will you test this product out?
This is an easy one for me. I have a bush camp area behind my house in the forest. I don't even have to drive, I can hike from home. This tent without a bottom is what I am looking for. I can see it as an integral part of my camp. On the coldest night have a long fire with an open tent is unlike any other camping experience. I will post the review both video and written(English Lit is my thing) on my camping and bushcraft pages on facebook and Tapatalk forums.


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Aug 27, 2020
Pembroke, NH
Tested 1 tigris before?:
I was recently selected for a airsoft mask test and just filled it out today.

why I want to test this?:
Im very active with my sons Boy Scout Troop in NH as an assistant scout master. We are a very active troop and camp 1-3 times a month. This would be a great opportunity to have myself, other leaders and young scouts to assist with the review on a weekend camp out.

how will I test it:
This will be tested at a couple Boy Scout campouts in Sept. locations will be woods of New Hampshire. Further testing will be conducted with the first snow fall since we are camp all year long. Pictures, short video, and write up.

please consider me for this testing.
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Jul 27, 2020
Monticello, IN
Have I ever been a part of the onetigris gear testing program before?

I am new to the gear testing program I was selected for the air soft testing recently so I am in the process of testing for onetigris.

I want to test onetigris gear because:

I'm a huge onetigris fan a supporter as well as consumer. Im an outdoorsman by nature which is what led me to onetigris. I have purchased the backwoods bungalow 2.0, the kompund hammock with night protector underquilt and the roc poncho. I like the idea and opportunity for my feedback to be appreciated and considered. Bushcrafting is a huge part of my life and something I enjoy doing with my sons.

I will test the gear by:

By not only making videos of the ROC bushcraft tent in use, but also review and post pictures of said item on Instagram Facebook and youtube. I also have a boy scout coming trip coming g up here in the next few qeeks, and this being larger than my backwoods bungalow would be the perfect opportunity to test it out with me and my boys.
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Jan 25, 2018
Moncton, NB Canada
whether or not they have been a part of the OneTigris Gear Testing Program before?YES
YES, I have worked with 1tg on various tests and co designs.

Other specifications
I find that testing gear is more than just going camping, its about studying the products, is there a better way to use it, make it set it up. These are the key parts of any test. So not only do we use it like any other day in the bush, but also to study it and ensure the standards are there.

how will you test the product(s)?
Simple, take it out, use it , show what it can do, study it provide the feedback for it. and also provide video and photos out in the field.

the team collaboration of this community is a vital part to getting that feedback. I have previoulsy tested shelters for 1tg and enjoy it.

Dean Cattell

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Jan 29, 2018
Pierceland, Saskatchewan Canada
Part of testing program: Yes, I have tested several products and provided input on some product designs as well.
Other specifications: This would be a great product to test, the specially over the next while as we move from early fall into some cooler temperatures. I love looking at different shelters and the options they provide for outdoor adventures.
How will product be tested: I will set up in different configurations, and provide input on changes required (if necessary) Without a floor it appears that this shelter maybe a suitable hot tent option as well I’m wondering if it could utilized in conjunction with a hammock. All ideas that could be explored through a review.


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Mar 13, 2020
Have you tested Onetigris products before?
Yes, I have tested a lightweight tipi tent for Onetigris previously.

Why do you want to test this?
This seems like a really interesting basecamp shelter design or a shelter for multiple people spending time in the woods. I'd like to look at it further with a stove and as a shelter for a canoe / kayak trip.

How will you test this product out?
I'll take it to the woods in Wicklow and Mayo in Ireland and see how it performs against the Irish rain and wind.
I'll post video and photos of the trips and suggestions from the group on the shelter.

Thank you!
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Sep 17, 2020
Have you tested OneTigris products before?
No, I am Jacob a US Army veteran and an outdoor lover. I just heard of the program and thought it was a great idea and a chance to give my feedback.

Other Specifications:
This seems like a great basecamp shelter weather for vehicle camping or setting up a small field post. I would to put this shelter to the test with my family and several of my like minded friends.

How will I test the product?
I will put this shelter through the paces of the rain and wind here in North Carolina. I will also test the capacity and comfort of this shelter on a family level. I will also record video and take photos of all the test and report back on my opinions and points of improvement as I see them.

Thank you for your time and consideration,
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Aug 18, 2020
Whether or not they have been a part of the OneTigris Gear Testing Program before?
No. I have not tested your gear yet. I am an outdoor enthusiast, ex Boy Scout, and am looking to instill and nurture a love of camping for my son. I currently am a Tangram tent owner and am absolutely in love with the quality of your gear.
Other specifications
I want to test this gear because...I am excited to see what 1tigris has coming down the pipeline and can use my project management and other skills to evaluate and test new products.
how will you test the product(s)?
I will make a review and take some pictures and spread the word. I have friends that are always on the lookout for new tactical gear due to being current or ex military, I also have many outdoor enthusiasts where I work and the best way to market a new product or a great company is word of mouth. I will be testing this on a local trip near my home and I will have my son with me.