REVIEW ROC MOLLE Chest Panel Harness


Appearance 5/5
Pics see the attachments
I really love it. It looks solid and very versatile, the laser cut molle webbing really makes a great addition to the visual appeal, I play airsoft and find this will be attractive to the more competitive players.

Material 4/5
The material feels very solid its flexible and durable everything I would expect for airsoft or combat gear, what i would like to see different is maybe some different colors and the molle webbing seemed to be a little short by one weave no big deal it made me try to find different ways to mount the attachments I had.

Quality 5/5
I tried it in different ways and test its durability and I really cannot find a complaint. I play mostly outdoors airsoft and it does the job easy to clean off as well with the dirt that gets everywhere.

Functionality 5/5
Functionality is a big player here, you can mount anything to it any way, and even mount it to a back back or a bigger chest rig via the clips, I do have to say i wish it did come with a hook or clip for the lower back support. One thing I also loved was the top pouch where i can put my car keys or more mags.

Use and purposes
1. You can use it for magazine holster
2. You can use it for hand gun holster
3. You can use it for holding various pouches


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Nov 17, 2019
Norco, CA USA
Do 2 more rows of molle can fit the needs? Slightly changed will be OK for the simplicity I think.
I think it can be debatable, if you decide to make a change i would make a whole new peice of gear and add hook velcro on the back of it to fit to certain plate carriers, like how the chest harness onetigris makes that will attach to the plate carrier
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