NEW IDEA Plus size Helmet


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Feb 12, 2019
So as everyone knows, airsoft players come in all shapes and sizes, and 99% of the time everything is adjustable or comes in a size format,

Would it be possible to discuss or brainstorm the idea of OneTigris making a larger helmet,

I do own a OT helmet but I had to take all the padding out and the front of the head band isn't connected, i can prove pictures later when I'm home

this would also bring the idea of making the helmet cover the same size aswell ?


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Jan 24, 2018
Thing is with replica helmets for airsoft and such they are sized to adjust as a one size fit all from 21.2"-24.4". If you look at the real military helmets their sizing chart is as such and they have individual shells.


So replicas cover the whole sizing range. Looking at stats on the 1tg helmet theirs is 22"-24".

1TG may be looking at a whole new mold and having to make another cover which could be costly on the tooling for the helmet.

I am curious as well if 1TG is outsourcing their shells and then adding on their own materials since 1TG really isn't in the polymer game.