POLICIES Patch Jam 1TG Rules & Policies


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Jan 14, 2018

i. The Design:
  • Themes to choose from: DOG GEAR patches; AIRSOFT patches; ALL OTHER military patches.
  • Single or multiple word patches only (If you wish to design image patches, please go to Design with Us and share your idea!)
  • Any submissions or thread replies that are in violation of 1TG rules will be removed and the account flagged.
  • In the event of similar or identical text ideas being submitted, the submission first posted will be accepted over the others.
  • Text submissions will be carried out by replying to the official event post and will include the design name, background, and source of event news (those directed to the event by influencers or airsoft teams will include their unique event hashtag in the thread reply).
  • For those who wish to revise their design they may do so before a submission is approved of, or they can contact a member of the 1TG staff who will determine if the revision can be processed; 1TG will decide, based on the extent of the revision, whether or not the submission is to be resubmitted with previous forum likes voided.
ii. Event Notice:
  • You must be a registered 1TG user to enter the event to vote/submit.
  • Participants must ensure they have read through and agreed to the event/forum rules and policies prior to submitting their design. Any submissions or thread replies that are in violation of 1TG rules will be removed and the account flagged.
  • Users can sumit multiple designs and are entitled to multiple wins if their approved submissions end up in the top 10.
  • All submissions must be original designs and the participants will be solely accountable for any design infringements.
  • This event takes place from the 8th to 22nd of April and submitted designs are not transferable to third parties or events of a similar nature.
  • All participants must ensure they are the rightful owner of the submitted designs and if the design is owned by more than one person, consent must be obtained beforehand and their names must be included in the submission too.
  • The 10 winning designs (based on the number of forum likes) are considered OneTigris "Design with Us" products and cannot be used again to enter events of a similar nature.
  • OneTigris will not be held liable for any content in violation of relevent laws and regulations.
iii. Winners (10 for Design, 10 for Participating):
  • The 10 patch designs with the most forum likes will be announced on 1TG, along with 10 lucky event participants, and all will be notified via email within 3 business days after the announcement.
  • Winners who do not reply to the notification email to confirm their place will be viewed as forfeits and will be replaced by other patch designers or event participants.
iv. Top 10 Designs & Copyrights
  • The 10 winning designs will ultimately become OneTigris "Design with Us" products and OneTigris reserves all rights of use of the 10 designs including but not limited to modification, duplication, distribution, exhibition, adaptation, compilation, publication, translation, information network transmission, broadcast, performance, recreation and copyrights. The patch designer will be indefinitely credited as a co-designer of the patch.
  • The 10 winning designs entitle the co-designers to a 3% sales commission per the OneTigris® Design with Us policies. (See OneTigris® Design with Us for more details)
v. Event Schedule
①Submissions: 8-22 Apr, 2018​
②Voting: 8-22 Apr, 2018​
③Announcement of Winners: 22 Apr, 2018​
④Patch Shipment: 12 May, 2018​
vi. Contest Rules
  • Winners are chosen based on the number of forum likes they receive for approved submissions.
  • The top 10 designs with the most likes will receive 5 pieces of their winning design.
  • 10 participants who contribute forum likes or share the event will be randomly selected and will receive 3 patches (randomly drawn & distributed) from the 10 winning designs.
  • Names and delivery addresses will be confirmed via 1TG private message or email prior to the dispatchment of patches.
vii. Got Any Questions?
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