OFFICIAL OneTigris X Division S.I.X.


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Jan 18, 2018

It’s official! We will soon be releasing an airsoft mask in collaboration with Division S.I.X. from the UK for female airsofters and teenage players! More exciting gear collaborations will follow, so this is only the beginning of something that’s going to be EPIC!

For those of you who don’t know already, Division S.I.X. was started with the vision of providing Airsoft and Mil-Sim Operators with a new style of lower face mask that will not only protect your mouth and teeth from CQB range BB hits but will also give the cheek-weld required for a great sight picture every time. Its founder, Nikira Garcia, is a British gear designer who plays airsoft himself, and a friend of Dan Foofighter from the Reaper Crew Airsoft. Check out Dan’s awesome photos here.

The OneTigris X Division S.I.X. Anti-Fog Mesh Mask has been tested by multiple players in Asia and the fog-proof design is perfect. While there are a lot of great airsoft face masks out there, not that many cater to the needs of female players and teenagers trying to learn the game. This exclusively licensed version of the T’Farge Comfort is just that. It offers a snug fit for Asian, female and teenage players with its rubber seal around the nose and mouth, and a double head strap that prevents slippage. Available in 3 colors (Black, OD Green, and MultiCam®), it’s going to become your next favorite mesh mask for every game.

The Mask will be released this month, and we’re in the process of designing a larger version for all adult players out there. OneTigris fans, you know what this means, you might be the gear tester we need for the job! So stay tuned, folks, and definitely share your thoughts on the new mask with us after you try it. Don’t forget to tag us with #OneTigris when you post pictures on Facebook and Instagram!

A note to fans and followers of Division S.I.X.: The handmade version will still be sold on with a logo on the mask to differentiate between the original and the licensed masks, and the licensed version will be available on and our Amazon/eBay/Aliexpress stores!

Share your pictures, guys and gals! Share ‘em away!

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