USER REVIEW Onetigris k9 Handler Duty Belt - simply awesome

Jul 27, 2019
A huge thank you to @OneTigris for sending us the K9 Handler Duty Belt.

The belt is designed to hold all of your doggie items whilst on your adventure, at the park, training or on a casual stroll.

Made from high strength nylon the belt features:-
Water bottle holder (Adjustable)
Large zipped pocket for treats, keys, phone, tick tweezers etc.
Waste bag compartment with bag exit.
Second mesh pocket for treats, extra bags, ball etc.
Stainless steel leash ring.
Mollie compatible for adding extra pouches
And Velcro front for morale patches.

After testing we can confidently say this is the best K9 related item we now own.
While trekking through forests in the highlands of Scotland we were completely hands free, as all of our items (phone, car keys, treats, knife, flashlight, tennis ball, tick tweezers, waste bags, water bottle, leash, collapsible bowl, gopro) were housed in/on the belt. No more searching multiple pockets or wading through a rucksack, all of your tools and items are easily accessible in this lightweight, Swiss army type belt.

Our favourite feature was the leash ring as we added a carabiner and were able to attach our GoPro, leash and collapsible water bowl as can be seen in the photos which highlights the customisation and possibilities of the belt.

The comfort of the belt is also worth mentioning. The belt is lightweight and breathable and you really do not notice it except when you found yourself grinning with delight as you no longer need to search through pockets for items to stop and remove a rucksack.

In relation to improvements, there is very little that we think could be improved upon. Potentially some high visibility piping or flashes on the belt would be good however the front Velcro does give you the option of adding a glow in the dark morale patch. A dedicated tennis ball clip may also be off benefit however when you consider the mollie compatibility this is easily solved.

This belt is definitely phoebe approved as all of her items were easily accessible but more importantly it is parent approved. I honestly believe that every single doggie parent would benefit from this belt. Whether you live in the suburbs, city centre or country, whether you have a dachshund, samoyed or St Bernard and whether you have 1 dog or 10 dogs this belt will change every walk, training session or adventure as you can spend more time living in the moment and less time searching for items or worrying where you left them.

Since receiving this belt neither my wife nor I have ventured on even the shortest of walks without it. Stopped numerous times and question about where we got such a great item I can see this belt selling out very quickly.

Finally at roughly £20 it won’t cost the earth, this truly is a bargain and that is coming from a stereotypical tight Scotsman.

Grab your K9 Handler Duty Belt from the @OneTigris Website:

Love from Chris, Sarah and phoebe