BRAINSTORMING [NOVELTY] Shopping tote bag! (Tactical style)


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May 15, 2018
It is a nice idea, but taking away from the shopping bag theme. This is beginning to look like a beach-bag.
Well... if you an sell this bag under 10$, why not! But i’m pretty sure it will turn around 30$ with all these features! I will talk for myself (but i’m sure a lot of people will agree), i will never buy a “shopping bag” that cost more than 10$, whatever how awesome it’s look or solid it is! It’s a shopping bag, a bag that i leave in my car’s trunk, throw in my shopping cart or put in my backpack just in case i go to the store... why i will never pay more than 10$ for them? Because even if they are “multiple usage bag.”, if my jug of milk, crate of eggs or even meat “juice” soak the bag, i will thrown it away and buy a new one....or try to wash it if i really love it! And that’s why i really like having a “waterproof fabric” (like silnylon or rain poncho fabric), because its easy to wash! (Even with the garden hose).

I understand you want to create new products... but some products are hard to redesign... and a shopping bag is a shopping bag... i dont want molle on it decause i dont need it... i dont buy tactical milk jug with molle attachements... i put things “in” th bag, not around the bag... i would not add pouch on it also because they will be harder to stack in the car trunk...or i will probably stuck and bang the pouch everywhere when walking. I dont want mesh pocket on it because i will probably lose what i’ve put inside or even worse, get robbed by pickpockets!

Like Sandspoor said... it’s more a beach bag now than a shopping bag... but i would not take an “open top” bag at the’s a good way to be robbed and a better way to bring sand and bugs at home....

And the last thing... it’s look like the bottom is rigid, and that’s a problem for me if i want to put it in my backpack... its will be bigger than a book when flat and a lot of packs will be too small to carry it!
Roger that, I'll forward this to my colleagues.
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