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Jan 24, 2018
Make sure to keep an eye out for your mags on your pistol. Those type of holsters have a habit of rubbing against the mag release and you lose mags. Know this from experience. Why I switched out and now use IMI and Cytac level 2 holsters for all my pistols now which are fairly inexpensive and work better. There is few pistols you don't have to worry about like the hk 45 usp/ct due to where the mag release is placed but majority of pistols are on the side. Especially beware like a 1911 since didn't matter what I did it was always hitting the mag release.

Also looking at your pics and the type of gear you are wearing you shouldn't have the holster so low. You are losing stability especially when you are running and again know this from experience using those style drop leg holsters. I noticed your last pic and can sort of see why you wanted it so low to clear that jacket but still you should not be running a drop leg almost to your knee. In actual fact since you don't have a low bearing vest you could still be running from your hip or use something like the imi z2300 if you wanted it dropped down a bit or rearrange the straps and shorten the height and get rid of the top leg strap on that particular style of drop leg holster.

Up to you though and just my opinion on the matter.
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