QUESTION New Material for Making Survival Bag/Pouch


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Jan 24, 2018
If they made a rain suit would want a hood on it and same as you specified with draw strings and such. What comes to mind is something light like the frog tog system. I would like to see it in the colour black. I would like 3 loop panels on the jacket. On right front a 1"x5" name tape loop panel, left side a 4"x3" loop panel and on the back a 3"x12" loop panel. All seams should be using waterproof tape along with the places the loop panels where put on. Also using the YKK waterproof zippers. On the bottom left and right overlapping material slits or zippered entry points so we can reach/gain access into our inner gear or inner pockets.


The hood should be able to tuck into the collar and also have that top visor section.


Poncho same thing with loop panel placements.

Pants just straight coverage no pockets but slits that overlap to keep sealed with possibly YKK waterproof zippers. Zippers may not be needed since rain jacket should be a decent length and cover that portion of the pant but would be a nice addition. On the bottom of the pants have a YKK waterproof zipper or velcro so that pant legs can be put on over work/duty pants with ease. The zipper/velcro system can be on the outer or inner of the pant leg. Might look nicer on the inner of the leg and more hidden and when I did the drawing just a quick example. The pant should have a gusseted crotch since that is the norm now in duty pants.


Since this is rain gear each size should be a bit larger so that it can fit over interior clothing and gear. The waist should be a low ride because individuals might be wearing duty belts or battle belts and need to ride underneath that system. The jacket should be one size up as well. The pants should give that extra bit of baggyness to fit over work/duty pants.
As for the 1TG logos would like to see them in a discreet location since if using for work can't have logos really showing. Small tag like the ones used on the pouches is ok or how I placed them. I could see this being a onetigris life series item.
This would be my ideal set that I could see using in the rain at events doing security.
Everything to build these items is in your material inventory I think but not sure if you have the waterproofing seam tape but think you would because you make tents and such.

1. Seen the YKK waterproof zipper in black on the revamped dragon snail.
2. loop panels
3. This new material which I would think you could get in black easily.
4. Waterproof tape for seams?

Finally have it come with a stuff sack.