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Jul 5, 2020
Context: I use this pack for backpacking. I have a low but not ultralight base weight (~12.5 lbs). The pack has more space than I need and is working fine. I like it.

I do have a couple ideas that I think would really help it stand out against some competition. If you could these mods and still be around/under $100, I believe more backpackers would jump on board.

- allow the internal frame to be removable​
- allow the shoulder pocket to be removable
- sew the shoulder strap behind the hip pocket to the hip support. It is on the outside, which is fine but it would be better covered by the hip pocket
- then look at REI flash 55. Add a mesh pocket between the hip pocket and the bag side pockets. this would be ASESOME on this pack!! The pack sets too far back to use the side pockets for water, but there is room for that second side pouch
- place a rivot at the bottom of the inside pocket (nylon) on the back. It collects water.​

there are so many great features in this pack. The back does get hot but for a bag at this price point it is hard to beat. It reminds me of REI flash, and I think it could beat it with a couple mods.

The suggestions above would be minor updates that would make it a better pack.
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Andy Z.

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Jan 17, 2018
Thank you for your suggestions. I submitted to the designer already. He will take them in consideration.

Also, we have another designer just finalize the improved version for this backpack. Stay tuned!