REVIEW K9 Harness w/ Metal Eyelits Review

Jun 12, 2019
Hey everyone!

We received the harness promptly, considering the circumstances, and got to testing right away.

We’re a service dog team, but since most businesses in our area are still closed, it was difficult to test this while working, but we figured this might be used more for walking outside anyway, so we tested it that way.

We walk in the early to late evenings, and we live out in the country, so the biggest deal for us was making sure it was visible and heavy-duty, and easily cleaned.

I really liked the Velcro and reflective strips, as we walk at night a lot and they’re helpful to be able to still see my dog and for cars to see him too. It also allowed for patches, which normally would be awesome for Service Dog ones but not in this case necessarily.

It was very easy to clean with just a wet rag. We ran it through some pretty heavy dust and dirt, and some mud, and a wet cloth got everything off easily, even after it had dried on well.

I was very pleased with the metal hardware, it looked nice and performed well, too.

I have no real criticism for this harness! Great for night-walking and forest hikes!