Hello all!

Oct 12, 2021
Good afternoon from Texas! I hope everyone is having a great week so far!

So a little bit about me, I’m a mom of three human children, one husband, & my giant American Foxy Dane (American Foxhound, Great Dane mix!)

I’m most at home when I’m surrounded by nature, or weirdly enough to most people, at work in the dental office!

Unfortunately I can only convince two members of my family unit to come camping, hiking, & hunting with me, and it’s not the hubby, or my two human teenagers, so my youngest human & my giant fur baby are my constant outdoors companions!

We adopted Buster from a local rescue last April right after he turned 3 years old, & while we knew that he had been in & out of rescue for almost his whole life, we were NOT informed that he had NEVER been leash trained, much less was he taught more than the bare minimum “sit, off, & shake” commands...

We adopted him with the full intention of him being my full time outdoor buddy, but after we brought him home, & let him get settled in we realized that he was at least 25 lbs underweight, & dealing with some pretty intense allergies. So our first priority was getting him healthy before we started working on anything else.

Due to Covid we were unable to get him into any training until near the end of 2020, and until we could find a trainer, I was trying every product and method available so that I would be able to take him for walks without being pulled into out neighborhood lake… a second time… 🤣 I’ll just say that I was unable to find any products available through any local pet stores, or even the big box stores that were even remotely useful.

Once we did find a trainer that led us to believe that he had the skill set, and ability to help us train our boy not only in basic obedience, but also to be a compatible camping, hiking, and hunting companion. I stress companion, because I do not have any intention of training him for treeing, flushing out, or tracking any game, but I do want him to be able to accompany me on my hunts as opposed to being left back at whatever camp. Unfortunately the trainer didn’t have the skill set he led us to believe he did, despite the extensive research I attempted to do on him. It appears that his “reviews” and “testimonials” from ”former clients”, were not… completely honest…

Other than spending a ton of money on him, and purchasing a Hermspringer prong collar, and an ecollar (and the absolute minimum training on their usage) we did not get much more improvement than being able to walk him at dawn and dusk (when people are not out and about as much) down the middle of the street so that he isn’t distracted by all the smells found on the sidewalks, and in our neighbor‘s yards.

Thankfully, I have been home full time due to Covid, and I’m a ridiculous researcher, and since we fired the “trainer” I have been training our giant stubborn boy on my own, and I’m STILL on the hunt for the best gear for my giant buddy.

My training goals for my velcro bud include being able to take him camping, hiking, and hunting. I am NOT training him to be a full fledged hunting dog, but I do need him to be able to hang out in a blind with me, or on his own if I’m in a tree, without his Foxhound prey drive kicking in. I will say that Foxhound side comes through pretty hard when he starts getting bored & a yummy squirrel, turkey, or slow looking deer gets his attention!!!

I’ll also add that trying to train an adult Foxy Dane to be a compatible hunting companion is about as easy as training a teenage girl NOT to look at her phone for 10 minutes during dinner! 😂 And I have extensive experience trying to do both things!!!! BUT we have made some HUGE strides, and our first bow hunt this season went off almost without a hitch this past weekend!!! He only scared off a pack of Hogs because he started whining from anticipation.

Another aspect of training that I actually wasn’t planning on pursuing but he has shown an aptitude for is being an excellent emotional (I have PTSD), and mobility support dog. Both my youngest and I have a genetic condition that causes us to faint randomly from time to time, and he instinctively began alerting to oncoming episodes, helping maneuver either of us out of harms way so we can sit or lay down, and helps rouse us quicker than if we were just left to our nervous systems own devices. This skill has been INCREDIBLY helpful when out hiking because he makes sure that we aren’t getting hurt, or badly injured!

SO to get to the point about why I’m here, I actually stumbled upon 1TG while trying to find the best tactical harness that will fit out big boy. I haven’t decided quite yet which style is going to work best for our needs, and his body shape, but I’m working on narrowing the options down.

I also was completely pleasantly surprised to find that 1TG was MUCH more than JUST K9 harnesses, and I am pretty sure my hubby is going to have to hide my credit card so I don’t purchase every piece of gear that catches my eye!!!!

Sorry that was so long!!!