NEW IDEA Full-Body Dog Coat?


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Jun 12, 2019
We are loving the current dog coat styles, but I was wondering if there wasn't a more full-coverage design that could be made?
A coat that would allow for dogs to avoid getting snow stuck in fur as much as possible, while also having a thinner style coat to keep them warm, and maybe thin enough to allow for wearing their One Tigris harness over it?

-WHAT: Highlights & functions
This full-body coat would allow a dog full range of motion for working (thinking SAR dogs or service dogs) while keeping fur safe from snow, and keeping warm while still being thin enough to wear gear over like harnesses or vests.

-WHY: Specific use & purposes (important)
Working dogs (service dogs, SAR dogs, police K9s, etc.) would be able to wear a warm coat while keeping their gear on as well. It wouldn't be too heavy, so it wouldn't impede the movement of the dog at all. Also good for pets who like to adventure in super snowy or dirty areas and owners who would like to keep their dog's fur clean of snow or dirt as much as possible.

-HOW: How you were inspired (important)
It rained here the other day, and my dog and I were scheduled for a good long walk, and we headed out just to almost turn around because of how dirty he got right away. And we've had this issue many times before, living in a snowy state, and we usually have to forgo our winter coat because he has to wear his service dog gear to work.

-WHAT: Proposed product name (important)
K9 Full-Coverage Adventure Coat (I wouldn't necessarily put winter in there because it would be thinner than the other coats we currently offer)

-WHAT: Brief outline/description of appearance
The coat would cover a dog's full body, and maybe have a similar design to the K9 winter jacket with the black and grey? I'm not sure, I'm pretty partial to the idea that it would just be a plain black coat so that the harness is the center of attention and nothing clashes. Maybe quilted exterior, similar to the Car Use Pet Seat Cover tg-cwd01-1-1.jpg ? We could use that material, maybe?

-WHAT: Color options
I would say black would be the best.

-WHAT: Material
The material the Car Use Pet Seat Cover has might be good, or the nylon or canvas. I am not sure necessarily.

-Design draft (optional)
I am horrible at drawing, I apologize. But just imagine a full-body coat like the one below, but it was thin enough for a harness to be worn on top of it.

-Similar product(s) (optional)
The most similar product I could find was this full-body coat made for small dogs; 618aW12M9dL._AC_SL1000_.jpg
It doesn't allow for things to be worn over it easily, though, so that would be a big difference with our design, and ours would be available in different sizes (if possible) that would meet most dogs' needs.
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Andy Z.

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Jan 17, 2018
This will need the material of the coat to be thin, soft, comfortable and stretchable. The material we have are those rough nylon. They don't fit this kind of product. :unsure: We will consider about it if we find an appropriate material for it.


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Jun 12, 2019
I've been looking around at some coats, doing some research, and the quilted design seems to be a popular one to make sure the coat is warm, but thin.

There's also a few that have full-body fleece bodysuits, and my thought is creating something similar to that, but with a quilted element on top.

Obviously not these sizes, but these are just to have you understand what I mean.
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