QUESTION Dog muzzle?


Corporal ☆
Apr 24, 2020
1TG makes a lot of great dog gear and I'm surprised they don't offer some sort od dog muzzle.

Do you, fellow dog owners, use muzzles?

I used a muzzle only few times because my dog started to eat shit, literally, so that was one approach to stop him. Haven't used it since but I'm thinking a sort of compact muzzle for emergencies would be a good thing to have. When he gets attacked or injured so you can protect yourself if you have to calm him or carry him.

Tref hates when I carry him so sometimes I do as a form of punishment. And sometimes just to annoy him :cool:

Andy Z.

Master Sergeant ☆☆☆
Staff member
Jan 17, 2018
We considered about this kind of product before. There are a lot of similar products on the market already and we didn't find any differentiation if we try to do it. So temporarily we don't have any plan for this kind of product.