TESTING IN PROGRESS Co-design Admin Panel


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Jan 14, 2018
Product name: Admin Panel
Quantity: 1
Purpose of design: see description below

Admin Panel.jpg
@Redmond : "I think a OneTigris admin panel which can hold your smart phone is a good idea, it's an admin panel that can be undone so you can see your phone (map) whilst you play airsoft."

Gear testing duration: within 1 month after pack received
-Reviews wanted. Any suggestions/feedback will be helpful for us to finalize this co-design gear.

Application due date: 2020-01-10

※Pleas post as the below example
Example Post

whether or not they have been a part of the OneTigris Gear Testing Program before?
No. I didn't test your gear before. Let me introduce my self. I am an outdoor enthusiasts and have 2 years camping experience. I think...
Other specifications
I want to test this gear because...
how will you test the product(s)?

I will make a review video and take some awesome pics...


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Jan 3, 2020
No. I have not tested any gear yet but I am looking forward to the experience. Let me introduce myself. My name is Darin and I’m 53 years old and looking to reintroduce myself into the camping/backpack hobby after being out of it for nearly 35 years. I was active in BSA as a youth and loved camping, canoeing and what we now recognize as bush crafting.

I want to test this gear because I feel there is an opportunity in this particular space given, as others have noted, all the various phone sizes and shapes and this does not even begin to cover other electronics or medical equipment (glucose meters as a solid example). Instead of fumbling in pockets or hanging on a pack lanyard this looks to be a great way to organize critical gear as well as a stable recording platform. And while the initial thought for this was more tactical I see a backpacker use high on the list especially in the documentary space.

I generally walk inside / outside around 5-7 miles daily as a regular fitness regimen. The winter months pose a challenge for equipment due to coats and gloves etc. Something like this would make it easier to monitor phone and other electronics while on a 5k walkabout.

Testing would be fairly straightforward. Wear the bulkiest coat and gloves for this Winter field testing. Photo document and use the platform to shoot actual video while recording notes. Compile wins and losses and communicate those back for further evaluation.

I’m hoping to get on board here and am looking forward to your response.

Nov 17, 2019
Norco, CA USA

I want to test this gear because i use my phone for milsim events and pictures for my Instagram photos while on the field, I want my followers to be able to see this product so they can soon start to be able to use it in their load-out.

I will make a video review and 2 Instagram post of this product for my close too 2k followers.

Looking forward to assist with more products!