TESTING IN PROGRESS Bomber Style K9 Winter Coat

Feb 7, 2020
Juniata, NE
I’m hoping your applications are still being taken, I saw your post about testers not being announced until the 10th so I’ll post just in case!

Whether or not they have been a part of the OneTigris Gear Testing Program before?
OneTigris, no, I have not got the opportunity to test your gear before. I am hoping for the chance to, as me and my three German shepherds go on several hikes and adventures. All three would get the chance to try it out! I’m a photographer, so I love to capture them in their natural element performing some of their favorite outdoor activities. We live in a pretty cold area with snow, and my dogs love getting in it. That being said, this would get a great time to test this type of product!

Other specifications
I want to test this gear because my pups love trying on all the new gear and are very photogenic. They are very stunning dogs and you can tell if something is wrong with a product by the way they handle themselves. If they love it, it’ll be expressed with their body language quite loudly. Therefore, if there are any possible adjustments that might need to be made, they’ll tell me before I can even see it!

how will you test the product(s)?
I will take a variety of different images of them using this product outside during some of our hikes/walks. I refer to “them” as being one of my German shepherds and then trying it out on another one and my last one, that way three different dogs will get a feel for how it fits them. This being said, with even one vest, you’ll get the review of three different dogs and a variety of images of them wearing it. I’ll explain afterwards how well if fit them during walks/runs/more heightened activity (jumps and climbing) and see how it holds up to their strength. I’ll review the convenience of the gear and how well my dogs take to it.

I’m super excited to see this gear when it comes out and would be honored to be apart of the testing process! I’ll attach some images of my three pups below. Please let me know if there’s anything else I could help you out with. Thanks OneTigris for this opportunity!