NEW IDEA Biker Bungalow?


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Jun 11, 2020
I don't have great drawing skills but after seeing your designs for the backwoods bungalow and the fortifly - and seeing some things you've done with sleep systems, what about a combination bedroll/tarp with bugnet that could be quickly pitched off of a motorcycle (or possibly bicycle) with no poles required using the bike as it's supports.

It would be a lean to / cone design - lower narrower rear and an awning that provides enough space to shelter gear and prep a meal while extending just over the bike to act as a partial bike cover. A similar much more expensive tent exists in both the Abel Brown tent (which has no porch and very cramped space) and the Goose - wingman of the road (which is beautiful but large, bulky, heavy, has poles and is very expensive.

Poles could be avoided by using a Ridgeline that ran over the bike and takes out to both sides while priding more space, comfort and value. Maybe pack it in a canvas or some type of roll that doubles as a footprint/door mat and then can roll up and mount to the bikes handlebars or rack. What do you think?