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Jan 25, 2018
Moncton, NB Canada
This is a two person base camp tent. Not for hiking in and out although I suppose you could. But would be ideal for 4 wheeler trips or base camps for hunters spending extended time in the woods.

Its 7 feet wide by 9 feet long. On the sides its about 4 feet high with the arched ceiling being 6 feet high in the middle. This allows two people to sleep, one on each side, with enough room to put a stove at the end and storage on the ends on each side.

So it would be common tent poles 4 per side to hold up the walls. The ceiling is the thin 5mm flexible tent poles, like you see in dome tents. These attach to the main poles by a plastic connector. These pole are bent up into position pushing the ceiling up and the top of the poles out. The bottom poles are anchored to the ground by pegs. inside, the poles are put through sleeves to hold them in place. Everything is then reinforced by pegged lines outside. standard zipper front door. I have it as a square, however, a C shape might actually work better.

The back has a ceiling vent for a chimney so in cooler months a stove could be used.
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Andy Z.

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Jan 17, 2018
Thank you for your idea! Looks very awesome. I discussed with Nick and he think the whole product will be too heavy as there has so many poles to complet the set up. As you said, this will not be suitable for hiking. Also, we worry that the weight will increase the cost of shipment. So we won't do it right now and may try in the future.