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Jan 24, 2018
because the width inside is limited, we use the 1" strap as cover flap. @WhispTech
I find that odd since the first version you sent me had enough space for a 1.5" strap which I showed in the pic of modification I did. I think I would rather have a 1.5" strap for supporting the head instead of 1" to be honest and don't see why not when the original could. Also would have more retention area for the velcro. I would have to test it, but feel a wider strap would be more beneficial especially with the larger hatchet heads.
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Dean Cattell

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Jan 29, 2018
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What are the measurements on the changed top strap and the velcro panel sections on that strap? Can we get a pic of both sides of that strap beside a ruler?

The overall design I drew is there and concept.
I didn’t have an issue with the bulk of my axes fitting in the first prototype. A little longer strap over the axe head and less Velcro on the main body. @Momo It would help if you posted your pics with an axe in the sheath.
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