NEW IDEA All weather adventure dog light (the flare)

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Jul 27, 2019
Hi team,

Please find our suggestion for an all weather, super tough dog light.

-WHAT: Highlights & functions

The flare will be rechargeable, waterproof, freeze proof and shock proof dog light that can be attached to a harness or collar.

It will be the g shock of the dog light world.

The flare will be able to rotate through multiple colours to allow the user to customise and pick this best colour for the setting and will be visible over a long distance (plus 5 miles)

The flare will have multiple settings such as strobe, flash, steady and sos pattern.
I don’t believe any dog light has an sos pattern however I could be wrong.
The flare may also have a flare pattern much like an electronics distress flare to allow for easier visibility of your dog buddy should you become separated.

If possible two colours flashing much like a police light would be beneficial.

Should the battery run out the flare will have a glow in the dark coating to provide some visibility to the dog parent.

The flare should be visible from most directions.

-WHY: Specific use & purposes (important)

The specific purpose is to ensure visibility for you and others of your k9 companion whether in your local park, beach or the wilderness keeping them and you safe.
It also provides a purpose of alerting others to your distress through an sos pattern should you be injured or lost.
The flare will be used for all activities with your pooch where low light may be possible.

-HOW: How you were inspired (important)

We have been looking for a tough dog light for a long time but none really last despite being billed as waterproof, shockproof and rechargeable. Normally theydie at the first sign of water and have very basic functions not to mention appalling battery life.
We want a light that is super tough but super visible through a range of colours and patterns including an sos pattern to alert those to a risk or need of assistance.

-WHAT: Proposed product name (important)

The flare

-WHAT: Brief outline/description of appearance

The flare will be a rectangle shape around 3 inches long with leds running the length of it and a clip underneath.

-WHAT: Color options

Silver or black with glow coating. Light emitted colours will range, red, blue,white, orange, green

-WHAT: Material

Waterproof, shockproof, freeze proof

The key here is a tough, rechargeable and highly visible light that can withstand the rugged outdoors.


Chris, Sarah and phoebe
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