NEW IDEA 5 x 4 2X2 offroad Range Bag Knox

Jan 21, 2020
I have looked and looked, fabricated styles and michmatched accessories for my Range Bag. I can not still leave the house without 4 80Lb Duffles, and 3 Gun boxes.

I have looked at dollies, but the fail, nothingnstrapes to them.

I want a skeleton supper latter materials, canvas, with lockable compartments, and canvas lockable drawers.

Has to be pulled like fridgecart and easy movement into vehicles and doorways.

Minimum 4 Riffle and 1 Shotgun lockable.

4 Hand gun case inserts. Zippered Molle back for mag storage.

Counter weight is ammo safe in base as large as possible.

A hook, sleeve, nook and grant for every accessory imaginable. Including Range whistle.

Led charitable lighting everywhere. Very durable.

Maximum resale of $250.00 Canadian.

Likes: OneTigris