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Jan 14, 2018
Rules and Guidelines

1. About OneTigris

OneTigris is a group of young hearts and lovers of life, and our mission is to empower you with motivation and quality gear so that you can do more and go further. Map your existence on Earth and in the world of OneTigris.

2. About 1TG

Every day is a quest for inspirations. We connect with users and friends around the globe to explore, evaluate, and better each product and experience, all with the hopes of reaching one of you to go on that trip you'd been thinking about but never realized, to be there when an adrenaline rush takes you to the top of the waterfalls. Got gear ideas, stories or dreams? Connect, reach out and inspire OneTigris.

3. Rules of Conduct

Basic Rules

  • Be an example of a great forum poster for others to follow.
  • Post your comments, opinions and ideas in a constructive and respectful way. Don’t be afraid to jump in and add to a conversation. Introduce yourself. Meet people.
  • Do not be rude and do not insult, berate, or comment upon anything personal to do with people who post on this forum. Please be tactful and be civil, especially to newly joined forum users.
  • Do not post or use profanity or any creative form of bypassing the word filters.
  • You should not post yours or anyone else’s personal information including but not limited to name, physical or email address, age, phone number, credit card or sensitive log-in information. Furthermore, if any user asks you for personal information such as those detailed above, do not provide it. The exception would be to official 1TG administrators.
  • Please do not "name and shame" users. If you see someone violating the code of conduct please do not publicly post an accusation. Instead, use the report feature on 1TG.
  • Constructive feedback and criticism are always welcome. Please do not have a large percentage of your posts that are only negative rants against OneTigris®, 1TG and something related. This form of trolling only inflames the community and incites more flaming and abusive posts. If you need to let out steam, embrace the outdoors and go into the wild!
  • Do not try and provoke anyone into a fight. This includes posting condescending remarks or following people and replying to them to fuel a rivalry or continuing a discussion after it has gone downhill.
  • Do not engage users who are trolling and instead use the report feature on 1TG.
  • No spamming, commercial posts or flooding the forum with irrelevant content and/or advertisements to other brands and your personal channels.
  • You may not use the forum to trade merchandise, services or any other tradable items.
  • Do not discuss topics that are not related to the ones of the forum.
  • Please do not start a thread in one forum, then cross post in another forum in an effort to increase your chances for a quick reply. If you mistakenly post in the wrong place, don't worry, 1TG administrators will be more than happy to move your post to the appropriate location.
  • Do not "Bump" a topic unnecessarily and more than once in 24-hours. If you do this it will result in the bump post being deleted.
  • You remain solely responsible for the content of your messages on the forums. You assume all responsibility from your posts, even if they are made by your little brother/sister/dog.
  • Do not create multiple forum accounts. Each person is allowed one account only. Alternate accounts will be permanently banned, and offending users will be subject to both temporary and permanent bans.
  • Please do not start any "Sign petition" threads. Please focus on starting conversations about ideas or thoughts related to OneTigris® and the 1TG community. Starting a discussion is a much more meaningful way to get a response from the community. Phishing is against the rules and asking for or posting personal information is always disallowed.
  • Please do not discuss or post about controversial social issues including but not limited to race, religion, topics or content of a sexual nature, hate speech, illegal drugs/controlled substances, or illegal activities. If you wish to talk about politics or any other non-OneTigris/1TG related topics, please find a forum created for those topics. If you have to start your post with “I’m not trying to offend anyone but” take a second look at the post before deciding if it’s needed to get your point across.
  • Do not knowingly post misinformation or false facts. Whether posted knowingly or unknowingly your post could be removed and you will be given an explanation.
  • You may not post links or link to any site that does not fall in line with the rules of this site or breaks the Rules & Guidelines. Including but not limited to adult related material, unrelated material, illegal or offensive content, etc.
  • Do not repost content a 1TG administrator has removed, repost a topic that has been locked, remove a post edited by a 1TG administrator or post about forum moderation decisions. If you have a question or concern about a forum moderation decision, please private message the applicable 1TG administrator.
  • Discussions regarding ways to improve your OneTigris® gear use experience are welcome and we encourage you to post your ideas in the INNOVATION section of 1TG.
  • Do not post unlawful content and news that violate copyright and patent related regulations.
  • OneTigris® reserves all rights to comment on, edit and remove posts that are in violation with the Rules & Guidelines.
  • OneTigris® reserves all rights to take any action including but not limited to using/seeking contact information of users when deemed necessary to assure that posts and users are in line with the Rules & Guidelines. Such actions shall not constitute as invasion of privacy.
  • OneTigris® reserves all rights to use user information for purposes related to improving the community and its content, and no third party shall be involved to safeguard sensitive information and your privacy.
  • Suspended users who again violate the Rules & Guidelines after the suspension has been lifted may be permanently banned from this community and OneTigris® reserves the right of final decision and interpretations.
  • Please remember the vast majority of the posters on this forum are not employees or in any way affiliated with OneTigris® and 1TG, but are in fact unpaid volunteers who donate hours of their time to provide information and assistance out of the goodness of their hearts, and without recompense.

Rules of Personal Signature

  • Normal sized font between 1-4 lines OR small font between 1-8 lines.
  • Image signatures must not exceed 20k in size, 300*125 pixels.

Rules of Forum ID

  • Do not use misleading names such as those of public figures, celebrities, national leaders, etc.
  • Do not use names that include swearwords, sexually/racially/politically charged remarks, insults, etc.
  • Do not use names that imply you are an OneTigris related entity or staff unless in reality you are.

Rules of Avatar

  • Do not use sexually implicit or sexually/racially/politically charged photos.
  • Do not use the OneTigris® logo.
  • Do not use QR codes.
  • Do not include commercial information or advertisements.

4. Disclaimer

  • 1TG administrators shall strive to maintain an active, constructive and healthy online community for all our users to connect and to be creative, but kindly keep in mind that not all comments and posts may be reviewed in time prior to full exposure and all content of 1TG represents the opinions and views of respective individuals, not those of OneTigris®. Forum users are to use their better judgment and be solely responsible for any generated content and its legal liabilities.
  • 1TG users shall not spread sexually implicit, violent, politically and racially charged content. Cyberbullying, cyberterrorism and any content or remarks in support of terrorism or the above regulated content shall be removed with the ID permanently banned.
  • OneTigris® reserves all rights to edit, remove, and shut down any content within 1TG when deemed necessary to do so, with or without any reason or justification.
  • In times of system maintenance, upgrades or any other anticipated events, a formal notification shall be posted to inform all users beforehand. OneTigris® shall not be held liable for any loss or damage as a result of unexpected system errors or failures that disrupt 1TG services.
  • OneTigris® reserves universal, unlimited, irrevocable, free, non-exclusive rights of use and sublicense for all content within the forum including but not limited to modification, duplication, distribution, exhibition, adaptation, compilation, publication, translation, information network transmission, broadcast, performance, recreation and content copyrights.

5. Other

  • OneTigris® reserves all rights of final interpretation of any content of the Rules & Guidelines including sections related to administrative rights and copyrights.
  • OneTigris® reserves all rights to edit and to revise the content of this Agreement to safeguard a peaceful and enjoyable user experience and to ensure all users are in line with cyberlaw and all related regulations.

Above all else, have fun, make friends and contribute to a great community. Please check back often as these rules will evolve to meet the needs of our constantly changing community. Thanks for stopping by and see you in 1TG discussions.

Map Your Existence!
OneTigris Team​
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Jan 24, 2018
you can post your video in 1TG. why you ask this? is there any rules which is not reasonable?:oops:
Only reason I asked this was that when I first posted them they showed up in that thread only to me and said waiting admin approval, then they totally disappeared and that when I asked. Thought they where denied so reread the rules and thought maybe because it was a youtube channel that that was why they may have been denied but then you contacted me and all was good. I wasn't excatly sure so why I asked. All good!


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Jan 14, 2018
Only reason I asked this was that when I first posted them they showed up in that thread only to me and said waiting admin approval, then they totally disappeared and that when I asked. Thought they where denied so reread the rules and thought maybe because it was a youtube channel that that was why they may have been denied but then you contacted me and all was good. I wasn't excatly sure so why I asked. All good!
sorry for making you feel confused. I was editing that time and clicked the unapprovel. now all it finished and you can see it now. no worries.