1T 35 L Rover pack

So my 1T 35 L pack showed up last week. I loaded it up and carried it for a few days at work. Somewhat of an EDC load but a simple one. I must say the pack is well made, well stitched and made of sturdy materials where necessary. The weight of the pack is fair and the functionality is good. There are more pockets and mesh packing areas than I can fill, that says a lot because I am a total gear whore. I got this pack on an amazon.ca sale with a $25 CDN coupon so the $89 pack cost me $65 shipping included, sweet deal.

2 outboard elastic side pouches for water bottles or... a pass through exterior rear pack area for a not needed jacket or fleece... loops for trekking poles, top secret top pouch on top for unmentionables... grab handle, comfy shoulder straps with chest strap and quick release buckles.

The bit of MOLLE - PALS webbing on the back might be useful but I dont have anything I can put there at the moment that makes much sense.

I chose the tan pack vs camo for the grey man effect, nice that the 1T logo is also quiet.

I also love the overhang of the flap above the top zippers, big enough to accomodate the pack filled up tight!

The only cons I can think of: I like a waist belt, maybe it's not necessary with this bag as the shoulder straps encourage a certain body position and posture. The hook and loop retainers for the shoulder strap extra strapping material could be a bit better too, a fixed location and stretchy loop would be better.

Overall.... Love it!


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May 15, 2018
Thanks Jimmy for the review! :LOL:Now our new products of the bushcraft line has been included under the Black Orca. Those guys has launched a big backpack with a waist belt. I've consulted @Nick , the designer of both new backpack and the Rover, he said backpack over 37L need waist support while others dont. That's the reason he canceled the waist support for the 35L Rover.
And we will need more advice and opinion on backpacks since the Black Orca is working on that.:giggle: