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    TESTING ONGOING (APPLICATIONS CLOSED) New Add-on Drop Pouch (Under Development)

    Product name: New Add-on Drop Pouch (Under Development) SKU: N/A Quantity: 2 Purpose of design: - Description: Gear testing duration: within 2 weeks after pack received!! Requirements: -Answering the following questions when you apply for it. Is it necessary for war game players to have a...
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    TESTING ONGOING (APPLICATIONS CLOSED) Portable Camping Chair (High-Backrest Design Version)

    Product name: Portable Camping Chair (High-Backrest Design Version) SKU: CE-ZDY03-BK/CB Quantity: 2 Purpose of design: - Description: Specifications Material: 600D Polyester Fabric Dimensions: Setup – 29.1”×25.6”×23.2”/74cm×65cm×59cm Folded –19.3”×4.3”×4.3”/49cm×11cm×11 cm Product Weight...
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    Where you guys camping for this weekend?

    (Credit to @intentionallies) It's weekend again. Where you guys camping?
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    QUESTION #Your idea matters How about the tent made by terylene cotton fabric?

    We made a solo homestead shelter in TC fabric. What do you think about this?
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    (Pictured: OneTigris CLAW ENFORCEMENT Tactical Cat Harnes) Finding the purrfect harness is usually a mission for many adventure cat owners. Honestly, there are just too many options on the market! Luckily, I have recently tried a wonderful harness which I can’t wait to share with all of you...
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    OFFICIAL OneTigris Camping Gear needs your feedback!!

    Click here to start! OneTigris Camping Gear needs your feedback!! Please submit the questionnaire,in return we offer 20% off coupon code for the new foldable table and limited 10 titanium OneTigris cups as bonus, first come first served! Check out the link in our bio! Take 6 mins to let us know...
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    TESTING COMPLETE (APPLICATIONS CLOSED) OneTigris Mesh Camping Shelter With Waterproofed Tent Bathtub Floor

    Product name: Mesh Inner Tent 01 SKU: CE-HDB02-CB Quantity: 3 Purpose of design: - Description: Why Choose OneTigris Mesh Inner Tent 01? A mesh inner tent for solo campers to use with a tarp or compatible outer tents such as our ROC SHIELD and SOLO HOMESTEAD camping shelters, featuring solid...
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    TESTING ONGOING (APPLICATIONS CLOSED) OneTigris Stainless Steel Outdoor Small Folding Table

    Product name: OneTigris Stainless Steel Outdoor Small Folding Table SKU: CE-ZDZ02-A Quantity: 1 Purpose of design: - Description: Why Choose OneTigris Portable Camping Table? A simple but highly efficient outdoor furniture for holding cooking tools and utensils, featuring a 17.7” by 11.2” flat...
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    TESTING ONGOING (APPLICATIONS CLOSED) OneTigris No Pull Escape Proof Dog Training Strap Harness With Handle

    Product name: OneTigris No Pull Escape Proof Dog Training Strap Harness With Handle SKU: TG-XBD04-BK Quantity: 2 Purpose of design: - Description: Why Choose OneTigris GOLIATH K9 Training Harness? Strap harnesses are practical because they allow for full flexibility and mobility when worn...
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    ANNOUNCEMENT [INDEX] Gear Test Reports 2021

    JAN Tactical Cat Harness @SyntheticCoyote "Fantastically made. Sturdy as anything. Had some trouble with the feline escaping but with some adjustments per the creators/designers, it fits like a glove. The included Leash is fantastic and a perfect length..." SEE ALL>> @Wastelandsoldier1776 SEE...
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    TESTING ONGOING (APPLICATIONS CLOSED) OneTigris 3-season 1-person Outdoor Down Quilt

    Product name: Foldable Camping Blanket SKU: CE-YBZ03-OD/OG/BU Quantity: 2 Purpose of design: - Description: Why Choose OneTigris Foldable Camping Blanket? Designed to provide optimal warmth in all types of weathers, this camping blanket will be your armor against the wind and the cold when...
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    Product name: COSMITTO Backpacking Tent SKU: CE-HZP01-CB Quantity: 1 Purpose of design: - Description: Why Choose OneTigris COSMITTO Backpacking Tent? The everyday camping dome tent that many outdoor lovers have been waiting for, featuring the most straightforward setup method via flexible...
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    OFFICIAL OneTigris × @Newton.and.Koper

    Behold! Our K9 Ambassador merchandise store is NOW online! The force is strong with Newton and Koper! Gear up with K9 power by sporting the 1TG K9 Ambassador look and shop our latest K9 ambo merch, available only at!
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    Product name: ??? Tactical Cat Harness SKU: TG-MBX01 Quantity: 2 Purpose of design: - Description: Why Choose OneTigris _______ Tactical Cat Harness? It has taken the OneTigris Team a long time to develop a cat vest deemed good enough for everyday use. What took us so long? First and foremost...
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    Cat Harness Set

    Finally we have harness set for cat! :geek:
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    OFFICIAL 2021 Countdown

    Year 2020 is finally nearing the end. How have you all coped with this year? Is there anything you would like to see at 1TG in 2021? Things such as more gear testing opportunities, boosts for co-design projects, or more other interesting content/event specifically for the forum? Let us know.
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    OFFICIAL 1TG K9 Army potential recruits

    #YOURIDEAMATTERS 1TG K9 Army potential recruits! Here comes 5 new official mascot designs! HELP US CHOOSE 3 new mascots via the link! * Vote by Dec 24th *
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    ANNOUNCEMENT IDs Ineligible For Gear Testing Applications

    This list details forum IDs no longer eligible for gear testing applications due to the absence of content after receiving 1TG gear for testing purposes, with immediate effect upon publication. We understand there may be personal reasons involved and welcome revocation requests via private...
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    Product name: X DESTROYER K9 Harness SKU: TG-GBX19 Quantity: 3 Purpose of design: - Description: Why Choose OneTigris X DESTROYER K9 Harness? The ultimate piece of kit for containing your beast, built from rugged 1000D nylon fabric with strength tested 1TG metal buckles, MOLLE compatibility...
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    Product name: ROCUBOID Splicing Stove SKU: CE-CHL02-A Quantity: 2 Purpose of design: - Description: Why Choose OneTigris ROCUBOID Splicing Stove? The EVIL EYES version that offers the same versatility for bushcrafters and fellow outdoorsmen to get dirty with. Start up a fire and watch this...