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  1. J

    New Member. Just completed my first hot tent camping adventure.

    Welcome, hopefully be doing some hot tent trips this winter myself.
  2. J

    USER REVIEW T’Farge® Comfort Airsoft Mask

    Sorry for such a late review. i recieved the T'Farge airsoft mask within a few days of being notified of it shipping. I put the mask to use right away with my boys as help. I am a larger guy with a pretty big noggin. mask fit me no problem, and with the use of slide adjusters, 2 on each side, it...
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    Have I ever been a part of the onetigris gear testing program before? I am new to the gear testing program I was selected for the air soft testing recently so I am in the process of testing for onetigris. I want to test onetigris gear because: I'm a huge onetigris fan a supporter as well as...
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    Have I ever been a part of the onetigris gear testing program before? No i have not, but i have purchased quite a few products on Amazon which is how I found the 1tg forums and gear testing community. I would love to be a part of the gear tester community. I want to test onetigris gear because...
  5. J

    QUESTION New to gear testing

    Have to wait for new gear to test, should be some in the next few weeks, the. You have to fill out an application/apply for the gear testing
  6. J

    New Here

    Glad to have you. And they definitly make excellent gear and products
  7. J

    Good News

  8. J


    Awesome choice. I want to get that next myself to try out. Im originally from howell/brighton area myself
  9. J

    Upgraded Website Testing Needed

    Indiana, Nd when I was having the issuesnit was on both the pc and mobile device
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    USER REVIEW Review of the Outback Retreat tent

    Thats pretty cool. Looking to upgrade to that outback retreat myself here soon.
  11. J

    Some New Gear

    Awesome products
  12. J

    Upgraded Website Testing Needed

    I had issues the first few days with pages not loading or freezing while loading and also with pages not being found. But for the last week or so I haven't experienced any issues whatsoever
  13. J

    Problem solved

    Good, now let's leave this subject be. Enjoy your new hammock when you get it.
  14. J

    Onetigris folding table

    Ok thank you very much for your reply l sent you a pm.
  15. J

    Onetigris folding table

    why can I find nothing on the folding camp table aside from a couple reviews? Has it been discontinued? I would like to get one of them and have scoured Amazon, the onetigris website and even ebay and cannot seem to find one.
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    Thank you for having me
  17. J


    my name is jake. Im new here been part of the community for a few weeks. Love onetigris and all the products I have purchased from them. Look forward to trying g out gear, reviewing g gear and just being an active member of this community.
  18. J

    Lone wolf 902

    how the hell does one get to try out and promote gear like lone wolf?