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    Sample stove under testing

    this looks like more of a fire box from the picture here and the one you posted on instagram. is this meant more for cooking off of and warming up or is the lid and stove pipe just not shown?
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    Another F.N.G.

    I typically hike in 3-4 miles and so every ounce counts when it comes to my shelter and sleeping bag. here in Montana the weather can change on you in September in a matter of minutes and go from sunny and 75 to snowing and freezing temps. I don't anticipate needing the inner shelter so i can...
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    Another F.N.G.

    hey everyone, just thought I would say hello and look forward to contributing to the forum and learning from those already on here. I am located in Montana and will hopefully be putting a Smokeyhut tent to the test in some extreme Montana weather conditions in the near future. I am an avid...