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  1. Tatt282

    4 season tent

    Hi guys , I was just wondering if anyone else feels the same as me. Onetigris make some cracking gear however the one thing that seems to be missing from the product line is a great 4 season tent. Can you imagine a onetigris design 4 season tent with a 5000mm hydrostatic head and a external...
  2. Tatt282

    Tangram owners

    Hi everyone.i don't have one yet but..can the tangram be pitched and packed up with the inner fixed inside? Cheers in advance
  3. Tatt282

    Backwoods bungalow frame ?

    Hi guys. I received the backwoods bungalow 2.0 for Xmas and not set it up before. Now, I will start by saying what an amazing looking tent. Love the colour, the space and the design but.......this has got to be the most challenging tent to setup my experience. If you pull too hard on a guy line...
  4. Tatt282

    Tiger roar

    Hi. Just wondering why the new tiger roar stove is not available in the UK or one day will be and....any plans to make a flat pack tent stove ? Cheers
  5. Tatt282

    USER REVIEW Rocuboid Splicing Stove

    Hey guys. I was selected to test the Rocuboid Evil Eyes stove which i have now had the pleasure of doing. I Already own the original Rocuboid so used this for comparison. Firstly, the case. The material is of a great quality and the Velcro is certainly strong enough . It does everything it...
  6. Tatt282

    Hydrostatic head

    Hi guys, new around here but glad to be here. I am based in the UK where it rains well....alot 🤣. I love the onetigris brand and product but, can't help but wonder why the hydrostatic head on tents is so low. I personally believe that 5000mm should be the standard . Anyone shed any light on...