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  1. CommonFamilySurvival

    NEW IDEA Apple Watch protective sleeve (smart sleeve)

    This is actually a product I have been looking for and can not find anywhere to my knowledge It does not exist. The many benefits the Apple watch brings to the outdoor enthusiasts are honestly life saving and amazing. There are 1000”s of bands you can customize your watch with and even hard...
  2. CommonFamilySurvival

    ITG member Youtube, social media channels

    Thought this would be a good post to help all our ITG Youtuber family. If your a member of the ITG family and have a Youtube channel, website, blog or vlog, post your link below maybe we can help each other grow!
  3. CommonFamilySurvival

    SUGGESTION Extra Large Rover Pack

    I"m a huge fan of the Rover 50L pack. But at times I find myself struggling to fit multiple day's worth of gear to fit. Any thoughts to a even larger capacity rover. We have the 35l and the 50L how about a 90L? Just some thoughts to start the conversation , could take away the outside admin...
  4. CommonFamilySurvival

    Maybe the K9 community can help me out?

    So I have a 10 year old mini schnauzer, he goes everywhere with me, been on many road trips and many outdoor adventures. He has had many winter coats for our winter excursions and there was never any issue's. So I decided I would purchase the power train dog harness for the summer months ahead...
  5. CommonFamilySurvival

    REVIEW OneTigris WILD VOYAGER Non-Padded Shooters Mat

    OneTigris WILD VOYAGER Non-Padded Shooters Mat I thoroughly enjoyed testing this product. The Wild Voyager Shooters Mat is a basic but very strong design. I found no flaws in construction or any reason to doubt it's durability. Very clean and well sewn edges and no visible weak spots in the...
  6. CommonFamilySurvival

    PENDING Utility Patch

    What- A multi functioning patch that can be utilized in various ways, hidden or not Color options- match current production colors of gear Highlights and functions- Apply this anywhere where a hook and loop point is on gear,packs,bags,pouches,vest coats or hats and still functions as a patch...
  7. CommonFamilySurvival

    Did you know the Onetigris Hammock was reversible?

    I have noticed a few online reviews lately about the Onetigris Dream Giver hammock and everybody seems to miss this feature. notice tip #4 Recently I found myself in the need to purchase a new Hammock... I wanted a hammock I could use in...
  8. CommonFamilySurvival

    Are you A tent person or A Hammock Person?

    Really curious about the result....
  9. CommonFamilySurvival

    QUESTION Kydex material......?

    Has Onetigris ever looked into using or incorporating Kydex material into there product line? Here in the states there is a big trend with Kydex holsters, knife sheaths and various other products.
  10. CommonFamilySurvival

    Hello Everyone!

    Hi everybody, Guess this is long over due, but been busy with other sections of the The names Matt, I'm a happily married family man getting ready to hit 40 this year, with three great teenagers, two boys and one girl. I live in the U.S (Ohio) I am very pascionate about the outdoors...
  11. CommonFamilySurvival

    SOLD OUT [EDC] Multi Purpose Tactical Tool Roll

    What- This is a multi purpose tool roll Color options- suggest match iron clad or firebred car seat organizer colors Highlights and functions- Can be used with the iron clad or fire bred car seat organizer for an emergency tool kit holding such items as wrenches,screw drivers...etc. or even a...
  12. CommonFamilySurvival

    PENDING [MILITARY] Carry All Shooters Bag

    What- In essence this is a very large duffel bag with unique features Color options- black Highlights and functions- The main function of this bag is to help assist keeping all your gear in one place replacing multiple bags. A double rifle padded case with internal molle for securing your...
  13. CommonFamilySurvival

    SUSPENDED [EDC]Molle Tripod Project Board

    What- Molle Tripod Project Board Color options- black/Tan Highlights and functions- Easy assembly,gives the ability to keep all your camera tools and gear at close hand and organized using other smaller pouches. Specific use & purpose- For outdoor video and photography, Youtubers,Vloggers and...
  14. CommonFamilySurvival

    SUSPENDED [EDC] Molle Snap Straps

    What- Molle Snap Straps Color options- ANY (match current molle product models) Highlights and functions- This is a multi use strap to be used with any product that does have Molle . see provided photo for rough examples Specific use & purpose- Gives the ability to strap something to Molle that...
  15. CommonFamilySurvival

    QUESTION Is this a bug or just missing something?

    While shopping in the store I noticed a few items I tried to purchase have no purchase option (over quilt,tactical hat to name a few) if these are out of stock shouldn't it say "out of stock " or give the option of back order?
  16. CommonFamilySurvival

    OFFICIALLY LAUNCHED [SURVIVAL] Ultra light super shelter(tent)

    What- This is a Ultra light 4 season tent/shelter that cane be used as a camping, bushcrafting, survival situation, that also has the ability to adapt to the season. Color options- coyote, green or high visible orange Highlights and functions- Very light weight if made from the right materials...