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  1. Suriana

    Happy New Year!

    I wish all the Chinese people and especially the Onetigris team a happy new year! May all your wishes come true!
  2. Suriana

    QUESTION IWA 2020 Germany

    Hello people! I know that Hana of 1TG will be at IWA 2020 and I was wondering if more people will be there? Curious!:LOL:
  3. Suriana

    Amazing Watertight Hard Shell Case!

    I was looking on the Onetigris shop and I just have 1 word for this item! WOW:eek:! The design is just badass! What do you guys think of this hard case? Direct link to the product: ' Watertight Hard Shell Case '
  4. Suriana

    REVIEW 1TG Netted airsoft vest

    Hello guys, Here is my short Netted airsoft vest review video. Enjoy and feedback is more than welcome(y):D OR Click! . . . 🔽 Airsoft Netted Vest
  5. Suriana

    REVIEW Upgraded foldable Scream Mesh mask.

    As promised a review on the Multicam upgraded Scream foldable mesh mask. Shipment: The package came in like a rocket. In less than 2 weeks straight out of China. Super fast and well packed. Well done on this one! Unboxing: I had unboxed the package and saw that each product had his own...
  6. Suriana

    GEARTESTING Balaclava with Mesh piece pocket on the inside.

    Hello all, My team and I are using balaclavas and a small mesh piece to protect our mouth and teeth on the airsoft field. But it's annoying that it moves around the whole time because they are 2 separate parts. Imagine that it moves before a shoot out and you get shot on your mouth or teeth...